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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index S-T

List of agencies

Safe and Affordable Housing (Department of Community Affairs) C495.H6
Safety Advisory Council, Georgia Interagency  S275
Safety Council (Citizens’ Council)  C550.S2 
Safety Engineering L200.S2
Safety Fire Commission (Comptroller General)  C730 
Safety Responsibility, Bureau of (Department of Public Safety)  S200.S2 
Safety, Department of Public  S200 
Sales and Use Tax Division, Department of Revenue  R400.S2 
Sales Ratio Division, Department of Audits  A800.S2 
Sanitariums, State Board of Registered Professional _____ Examiners  S720.S2 
Sanitary Engineering, Division of (Department of Public Health)  H700.S2 
School for the Deaf, Cave Springs  E450.D4 
School Lunch Division (Department of Education)  E300.S4 
School Nutrition Program (Department of Education) E300.N8
School Performance, Georgia Council for  G620.S25 
School Readiness, Office of   S300
School Support Division (Department of Education)  E300.S5 
Science and Technology Commission, Nuclear Advisory Commission (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.S3 
Scientific Research and Development, Governor’s Commission for  G630.S3 
Secretary of State  S700 
Securities Commission, Georgia  S740 
Senate Committee reports  L408 
Senate Journal  L402 
Senate miscellaneous publications  L411 
Senate Research Office  L411.R4 
Sensitive Areas in Northeast Georgia, Task Force on Development of  P675.N7 
Service and Volunteerism, Commission on (Department of Community Affairs) C495.S4
Slash Pine Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.S6 
Soil and Water Conservation Committee  S600 
Soldier Roster Commission  V475.S6 
South Central Georgia, Committee for Coordinating Opportunities in  G630.C6 
South Georgia RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.S72 
Southeast Georgia RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.S8 
Southwest Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.S7 
Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services (Department of Education)  E300.S6 
Special Education Services and Supports, Division of (Department of Education) E300.S6
Special Legislative Highway Commission  H575.H5 
Special Studies Division (University System)  U500.S7 
Special Study Committee on the Problem of the Homeless  H675.H6 
Special Tax Commission (Commission of Economy and Taxation)  R775.S6 
Speech, State Board of _____ pathology and audiology Examiners  S720.S6 
Staff and Program Development, Division of (Department of Offender Rehabilitation)  R300.S8 
Staff Services, Office of (Department of Education)  E300.S7 
Standards, Instruction and Assessment, Office of (Department of Education)  E300.S75
State and Local Government Coordination Study (Governor)  G600.G6 
State and Local Governmental Services, Executive Committee for the Study of the Coordination of  G630.L6 
State Board of Accountancy A200.A2
State Board of _____ Examiners  S720 
State Board of Game and Fish  G210 
State Board of Pardons and Paroles  P200 
State Board of Worker’s Compensation (Industrial Commission)  L220 
State Court Judges, Council of  J800.S7 
State Crime Commission  G675.C7
State Data Center Program (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.P4 
State Ethics Commission  S740 
State Financing and Investment Commission  F500 
State Game and Fish Commission  G275 
State Geologist (Geologic Survey) (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.G3-4 
State Government Division (Department of Audits)  A800.S7
State Highway Board  T710 
State Highway Commission T710
State Hospital Authority  W430 
State Hospital, Milledgeville  E450.M5 
State Inspector General, Office of I510
State Library (Department of Law)  L300.L5 
State Medical Education Board  E350 
State Museum of Science and Industry (Secretary of State)  S700.M8 
State Oil Chemist (Department of Revenue)  R400.C5 
State Patrol (Department of Public Safety)  S200.P2 
State Personnel Administration  M300
State Planning and Community Affairs, Bureau of  P600 
State Planning and Development Commission  P650 
State Planning Board  P500 
State Planning Bureau  P600 
State Planning Commission (Department of Commerce)  C400.P6 
State Prison Farm, Reidsville (State Penitentiary)  P400.F2 
State Programs Study Committee  P775.P7 
State Purchasing Department  P990 
State Road and Tollway Authority T720
State School and Hospital, Gracewood  E450.M4 
State Survey Committee  S975.S9 
State Tollway Authority  T720 
State Tuberculosis Sanitarium  E450.T9 
State, Secretary of  S700 
Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Association  S775.S7 
Student Achievement, Governor’s Office of  G620.S7
Student Finance Authority, Georgia  S820 
Student Finance Commission, Georgia  S840 
Student Learning and Achievement, Office of  E300.S83 
Student Services Unit, Department of Education  E300.S85 
Student Support Services Division, Department of Education  E300.S87 
Study Abroad Programs (University System)  U500.A2 
Study Commission of Alcohol  G630.A4 
Subsequent Injury Trust Fund, Georgia  I575 
Superior Court (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.S91 
Supreme Court (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.S9 
Surface Mined Land Use Board  N220 
Surplus Commodity Distribution Division (Department of Family and Children Services)  W400.S9 
Survey Committee, State  S975-S9 
Surveyor General Department (Secretary of State)  S700.S9 
Sweet Potato Commission (Department of Agriculture)  A410.S9
Task Force on Development of Sensitive Areas in Northeast Georgia  P675.N7 
Tax Commission, Special (Commission on Economy and Taxation)  R775.S6 
Tax Commissioner, State (Revenue Commissioner)  R410 
Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians, Special Council on  T375.T3 
Tax Reform Commission  T275.T15 
Tax Revenue Study Commission (Commission of Economy and Taxation)  R775.R4 
Tax Revision Committee  T275.T2 
Teacher and Student Support, Office of (Department of Education)  E300.T43
Teacher Certification Testing Program (Department of Education)  E300.T4 
Teachers' Retirement System  T400 
Technical Assistance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.T4 
Technical College System of Georgia  T500
Technology and Support, Office of  H800.T4 
Technology Authority, Georgia  T450 
Telecommunication, Public _____ Task Force (Governor)  G600.T4 
Tenure, Advisory Faculty Committee on (University System)  U500.T3 
Terminal, Harbor, Port and _____ Commission  P975.P9 
Testing and Guidance, Office of (University System)  U500.T5 
Testing Division (Department of Education)  E300.T45 
Testing, Chancellor’s Committee on Uniform _____ Procedures (University System)  U500.T4 
Testing, Teacher Certification and _____ Program (Department of Education)  E300.T4 
Textbook and Library Services, Division of (Department of Education)  E300.T48 
Tollway Authority, State  T720 
Tourism Division (Department of Economic Development)  E200.T6 
Tourism, Department of Industry, Trade and  I500 
Tourist Division (Department of Commerce)  C400.T6 
Tourist Division (Department of Community Development)  C500.T6 
Tourist Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.T6 
Tourist/Communications Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.C6 
Trade, Department of Industry, _____ and Tourism  I500 
Traffic Operations Division  T700.T7 
Training and Development Center, Buford (State Penitentiary)  P400.B8 
Training and Employment Services, Division of (Department of Labor)  L200.T7 
Training Division (State Personnel Administration) M300.T7
Training School for Boys  E450.T7 
Training School for Girls  E450.T8 
Transportation, Department of  T700 
Transportation Data, Office of (Department of Transportation) T700.T73
Treasury Department  T800 
Troup County Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.T7 
Tuberculosis, State _____ Sanitarium  E450.T9
Twenty One, Georgia 21 Commission  L200.T8 

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