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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index C-D

List of agencies

Capitol Commissioners, Board of G640 
Car dealers, used, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.U3 
Central Savannah River Area RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.C4 
Central Supply (Administrative Services) A300.S8 
Certification, Teacher _____ and Testing Program (Department of Education)  E300.T4 
Chancellor’s Committee on Uniform Testing Procedures (University System)  U500.T4 
Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.C47 
Chattahoochee-Flint Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.C5 
Child Advocate, Office of the G620.C5
Child Care Council, Georgia  C100 
Child Care Services B700.C5
Child Fatality Review, Office of C575.C3
Child Placement Project (Supreme Court)  J800.S9 
Child Support Services, Office of H800.S8
Child Welfare Reform Council G630.C4
Children and Youth Coordinating Council  J880 
Children and Youth Services, Department (changed to Department of Juvenile Justice)  C200 
Children and Youth, Division of (Department of Family and Children Services)  W400.C5 
Children, Young Adults, and Families, Office of (Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities) B400.C4
Children’s Code Commission  C575.C4 
Children's Mental Health, Commission on G630.M46
Children’s Trust Fund Commission H800.C4 
Chiropractic, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.C5 
Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Chronic Disease Prevention Section P780.E6
Chronic Disease Prevention Section of Division of Health Promotion/Protection (formerly Chronic Disease, Healthy Behaviors, and Injury Epidemiology Section) P780.D5
Citizen’s Committee to Advise the Comptroller-General-Elect  C775.C6 
Citizens Penal Reform Commission, Governor’s G630.P4 
Citizens’ Council  C550 
Civil Defense, Division of (Department of Defense)  D400.C5 
Civil War Centennial Commission  C575.C5 
Clarke County (Superior Court) (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.S91 
Clarkesville, Georgia Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission) P650.C49 
Clayton County Planning Commission P650.C55 
Clean and Beautiful, Georgia  C495.C5 
Cleveland and White County Planning Commission P650.C57 
Coastal Georgia RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission P650.C6 
Coastal Plains Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.C7 
Coastal Plains Regional Commission (State Planning and Development Commission) P650.C75 
Coastal Resources Division (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.C63
Coastal Zone Management Program (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.C6 
Commerce and Labor, Department of  C300 
Commerce, Department of C400 
Commission appointed to adjust certain claims between the State of Georgia and the Lessees of the Western and Atlantic Railroad  W475.R2 
Commission on Crime and Justice  G630.C7 
Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals G630.J8 
Commission on Criminal Sanctions and Correctional Facilities G630.C71 
Commission on Economy and Taxation  R775.E3 
Commission on Interpreters (Supreme Court) J800.S93
Commission on Planned Growth  G630.G7 
Commission on Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Court System (Supreme Court) J800.S92 
Commission on Resident Schools for Handicapped Children of Georgia G630.H2 
Commission to Simplify and Coordinate the Operations of Governmental Departments G630.E34 
Commissions and Councils, Governor's G630
Commissioner of Land and Immigration L275.L2 
Committee for Coordinating Opportunities in South Central Georgia G630.C6 
Commodity Commission, Agricultural (Department of Agriculture)  A410.A4 
Commodity, Surplus _____ Distribution Division (Department of Family and Children Services) W400.S9 
Communications Division (Department of Labor) L200.C6
Communications Office N200.C6 
Communications, Division of (Department of Public Health) P780.C6
Communications, Office of  H800.C6 
Communications, Office of (Georgia Department of Transportation)  T700.C6 
Community Affairs Division (Department of Community Development) C500.C6 
Community Affairs, Bureau of (Department of Community Development)  C500.B8 
Community Affairs, Department of  C495 
Community Development and Finance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.C55
Community Development, Department of C500 
Community Finance Division (Department of Community Affairs) C495.C55
Community Health, Department of  C900 
Community Supervision, Department of C820
Compensation, Commission on  C675.61 
Comprehensive Health Planning, Office of (Department of Public Health) H700.P4 
Comptroller General C700 
Comptroller-General-Elect, Citizen’s Committee to Advise the C775.C6 
Computer Network (University System)  U500.C6 
Confederate Memorial Association, Stone Mountain S775.S7 
Confederate Pensions and Records, Division of (Department of Family and Children Services) W400.P4 
Confederate Soldiers’ Home (Department of Family and Children Services) W400.C6 
Congress Center Authority, World  W675.W6 
Constitution C600 
Constitution, Commission to Revise the _____ of Georgia C675.C6 
Constitutional Convention Revision Committee  C610.R4 
Construction Division (State Financing and Investment Commission) F500.C6
Construction Industry (State Board of ________ Examiners) S720.C55
Consumer Affairs, Office of (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.C7 
Consumer Protection Unit (formerly Consumer Protection, Governor's Office of) L300.C6
Consumer Services, Office of Press and (Department of Agriculture)  A400.C6 
Consumers' Insurance Advocate, Governor's Office of the G630.I6
Consumers’ Utility Counsel (Governor’s Budget Bureau) G620.U4 
Convict Camp, Special Inspector of Misdemeanor G630.C59 
Coordinated Planning, Office of  C495.C6 
Coordinator of Highway Safety S220 
Coosa Valley RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.C8 
Corporations Division (Secretary of State)  S700.C6 
Correctional, Commission on Criminal Sanctions and _____ Facilities G630.C71 
Corrections, Department of  C800 
Corrections, State Board of  R320 
Cosmetology, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.C6 
Council (University System)  U500.C7 
Court of Appeals (Administrative Office of the Courts) J800.A6 
Court Reform Council L310.C6
Court Reporting, Board of  J800.C63 
Courts Services Division. Office of Children, Families and the Courts (Administrative Office of the Courts) J800.C65 
Courts, Administrative Office of the J800 
Crime and Justice, Commission on  G630.C7 
Crime and Punishment, Governor’s Advisory Committee  G630.C72 
Crime Commission, State G675.C7 
Crime Information Center, Georgia I675.C7 
Crime Statistics Data Center  G675.C7 
Crime, Georgia Organized _____ Prevention Council (State Crime Commission)  G675.C71 
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council  G630.C73 
Criminal Justice Reform, Georgia Council of C775.C7
Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians, Special Council on  C775.C7 
Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, Commission on  G630.J8 
Criminal, Commission on _____ Sanctions and Correctional Facilities G630.C71 
Crippled Children’s Division (Department of Family and Children Services)  W400.C7 
Crop Reporting Service (Department of Agriculture) A400.C7 
Curriculum and Instructional Services, Division of (Department of Education)  E300.C8
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (Department of Education) E300.C8
Data Center, State _____ Program (Governor’s Budget Bureau) G620.P4 
Day Care, Interagency Committee on D275.D2 
Deaf, School for the, Cave Springs  E450.D4 
DECAL Early Head Start Child Care Partnership  B700.E2
Defense, Council of  D475.D4 
Defense, Department of D400 
Dental, State Board of _____ Examiners S720.D4 
Deparment of Administrative Services. Human Resources Administration  M300
Detective, State Board of Private _____ and Private Security Agencies S720.P7 
Developmental Disabilities, Council on G630.D4
Disability Services Ombudsman, Office of D575
Dispute Resolution, Georgia Commission on  D500 
Douglasville-Douglas County Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.D6 
Driver Services, Department of  D700
Drug Abuse, Governor’s Conference on  G630.D7 
Drug Awareness and Prevention, Governor’s Commission  G630.D71 
Dublin-Laurens County Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.D8 

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