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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index G-H

List of agencies

Gainesville-Hall County Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.G2 
Game and Fish Commission, State  G275 
Game and Fish Department  G200 
Game and Fish Division (Department of Natural Resources)  (continued by Wildlife Resources)  N200.G2
Game and Fish, State Board of  G210 
General Assembly (at large) Committee reports  L414 
General Extension, Division of (University System)  U500.E9 
Geologic Survey (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.G3-4 
Geological Survey (Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology)  M500.G4 
Geologist, State (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.G3-4 
Geologists, State Board of Professional _____ Examiners  S720.G4 
Georgia 21 Commission  L200.T8 
Georgia Adult Literacy Initiative, Advocates of the (Department of Education)  E300.A33 
Georgia Archives S700.A7
Georgia Building Authority  A320 
Georgia Bureau of Investigation  I675.I5 
Georgia Clean and Beautiful  C495.C5 
Georgia Commission for the National Bicentennial Celebration  S730 
Georgia Commission on Women L200.W6
Georgia Constitution  C600 
Georgia Council for School Performance  G620.S25 
Georgia Council for the Arts (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.A7 
Georgia Council on Aging  H800.A35 
Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns  G630.I5 
Georgia Courts Automation Commission  J800.C6 
Georgia Crime Information Center  I675.C7 
Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency D710
Georgia Employment and Training Council  G630.E5 
Georgia Express Project  E300.A31 
Georgia GLOBE  U500.G6 
Georgia Heritage Trust Commission  G630.H3 
Georgia Historical Commission  S720.H5 
Georgia Human Relations, Office of G630.H8
Georgia Illiteracy Commission  E330 
Georgia Industrial Institute, Alto (State Penitentiary)  P400.A4 
Georgia Mountains RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.G4 
Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission  S840.N6 
Georgia Organized Crime Prevention Council (State Crime Commission)  G675.C71 
Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council  P390 
Georgia Program for the Improvement of Instruction  E340 
Georgia Public Broadcasting (Public Telecommunications Commission)  T600 
Georgia Rail Passenger Authority  R200 
Georgia Securities Commission  S740 
Georgia Southern Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.G5 
Georgia State Rehabilitation Council V600.R4
Georgia Training and Development Center, Buford (State Penitentiary)  P400.B8 
Girls, Training School for  E450.T8 
Global Commerce Division (Dept. of Economic Development)  E200.G5 
Gordon Monument Commission  G675.G6 
Government Information Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.G6 
Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, Georgia S740 
Governmental Departments, Commission to Simplify and Coordinate the Operations of  G630.E34 
Governor  G600 
Governor’s Citizens Penal Reform Commission  G630.P4 
Governor’s Commission for Scientific Research and Development  G630.S3 
Governor’s Commission on Aging  G630.A34 
Governor’s Commission on Certainty in Sentencing  G630.S4 
Governor’s Commission on Economy and Reorganization  G630.R4 
Governor’s Commission on Effectiveness and Economy in Government  G630.E36 
Governor’s Commission on Judicial Processes  G630.J81 
Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women  G630.W6 
Governor’s Commission to Improve Education (Committee on Postsecondary Education)  G630.E3 
Governor’s Commission to Improve Services for Mentally and Emotionally Handicapped Georgians  G630.M4 
Governor’s Conference on Drug Abuse  G630.D7 
Governor’s Conference on Libraries and Information Services (Governor)  G600.L5 
Governor’s Conference on Natural and Environmental Resources  G630.N3 
Governor’s Intern Program (Governor)  G600.I5 
Governor’s Office for Children and Families  G620.C55
Governor’s Office of Human Relations  G620.H8 
Gracewood State School and Hospital  E450.M4 
Griffin Career Center  L200.G7 
Growth, Governor’s _____ Strategies Commission  G620.G7 
Handicapped Children, Commission on Resident Schools for _____ of Georgia  G630.H2 
Harbor, Port, and Terminal Commission  P975.P9 
Hazardous Waste Management Authority  G620.H3 
Head Start Collaboration Office B700.H4
Health Care Commission, Access to  H715 
Health Conservation Services (Department of Public Health)  H700.H4 
Health Improvement, Office of (Department of Community Health)  C900.H4
Health Indicators for Planning, Office of (Department of Public Health)  P780.H4
Health Planning and Development Agency, State  H720 
Health Planning, Office of Comprehensive (Department of Public Health)  H700.P4 
Health Promotion, Division of P780.P7
Health Protection, Division of P780.P76
Health, Board of  H710 
Health, Department of Public  H700 
Healthcare Associated Infections (Department of Public Health) P780.I5
Healthcare Audits Division (Department of Audits and Accounts)  A800.H4 
Hearing, State Board of _____ Aid Dealers and Dispensers Examiners  S720.H4 
Heart of Georgia RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.H4 
Heating, State Board of Warm Air _____ Contractors Examiners  S720.W2 
Heritage Trust, Georgia _____ Commission  G630.H3 
Higher Education Assistance Corporation, Georgia  S810 
Higher Education Facilities Commission  E320 
Highway Planning, Division of (Department of Transportation)  T700.P51 
Highway Safety, Office of  H575.H51 
Highway Safety, Office of Coordinator of  S220 
Highway, Special Legislative _____ Commission  H575.H5 
Highway, State _____ Department  T700 
Highways, Division of (Department of Transportation)  T700.H5 
Historic Preservation Division (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.H5 
Historic Preservation Section (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.P6 
Historic Sites, Department of Parks, _____, and Monuments  P300 
Historical Commission, Georgia  S720.H5 
HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Section (Division of Health Protection) P780.H5
Holocaust, Georgia Commission on the  G630.H6 
Homeless, Special Study Committee on the Problems of the  H675.H6 
Hospital Authority, Eleemosynary State  W430 
Hospital Care Study Commission  H775.H6 
Hospital Services, Division of (Department of Public Health)  H700.H6 
House Committee reports  L409 
House Journal  L404 
House miscellaneous publications  L412
Housing and Finance Authority  R340 
Housing Finance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.H6 
Human Resources (Department of Labor) L200.H8
Human Resources Administration (Department of Administrative Services)  A300.H8
Human Resources Management, Office of  H800.H8 
Human Resources, Department of  H800 
Human Services, Department of  H800 

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