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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: List of classes U-Z

List of Classes

Call No.  / Agency (Current/former name)

U500  University System
.A2   Office of International Education
.A3   Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs
.C6   Computer Network
.C7   Executive Council
.E9   Division of General Extension
.G6   Georgia GLOBE
.L5   Academic Committee on Libraries
.M5   Advisory Committee on Mineral Leasing
.P8   Public Services Committee
.R4   Board of Regents
.R41 Research and Planning, Office of
.S7   Special Studies Division
.T3   Advisory Faculty Committee on Tenure
.T4   Chancellor’s Committee on Uniform Testing Procedures
.T5   Office of Testing and Guidance
V400  Department of Veterans Service
.P4   Department of Pensions
V475.S4 Veterans Service Coordination Committee
V475.S6 Soldier Roster Commission
V600 Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
.B5 Industries for the Blind
.B8 Business Enterprise Program
.R4 Georgia State Rehabilitation Council
.R6 Roosevelt Warm Springs
.V6 Vocational Rehabilitation Division
V775.E3 Veterans Education Council
W275.L2 Water Law Revision Commission (formerly Water Use and Conservation Committee)
W400 Department of Family and Children Services (formerly Department of Public Welfare)
.B8   Welfare Department
.C5   Division for Children and Youth
.C6   Confederate Soldiers’ Home
.C7   Crippled Children’s Division
.P4   Division of Confederate Pensions and Records
.P7   Division of Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation
.R4   Division of Research and Statistics
.S9   Surplus Commodity Distribution Division
W410  Board of Control of Eleemosynary Institutions
W420  Commission on Feeblemindedness
W430  Eleemosynary State Hospital Authority
W475.R2 Eleemosynary Commission appointed to adjust certain claims between the State of Georgia and the Lessees of the Western and Atlantic Railroad
W675.W6 World Congress Center Authority

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