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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index P-R

List of agencies

Palliative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council C900.P3
Pardons and Paroles, State Board of  P200 
Parks, Historic Sites and Monuments, Department of  P300 
Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites, Division of (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.P2 
Parole, Prison and _____ Commission P701 
Peach Commission (Department of Agriculture)  A410.P4 
Peanut Commission (Department of Agriculture)  A410.P5 
Penal Reform Commission, Governor’s Citizens  G630.P4 
Penitentiary, State  P400 
Pensions, Department of (Department of Veterans Service)  V400.P4 
Performance Audit Division (Department of Audits and Accounts) A800.P4
Performance-Based Management and Research, Office of (Department of Transportation) T700.R4
Permits and Operations, Office of (Department of Transportation) T700.P4
Personnel Administration, State Merit System of  (Changed to: Department of Administrative Services. Human Resources Administration) M300
Personnel Service (Department of Human Resources)  H800.P4 
Pest, State Board of Structural _____ Control Examiners  S720.S78 
Pharmacy, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.P5 
Physical Health, Division of (Department of Human Resources)  H800.P5 
Physical Health, Division of (Department of Public Health)  H700.P5 
Physical, State Board of _____ Therapy Examiners  S720.P51 
Planned Growth, Commission on  G630.G7 
Planning and Budget (Governor)  G620
Planning and Community Affairs, Bureau of State P600 
Planning and Environmental Management Division (Office of Environmental Management)  C495.E5 
Planning and Evaluation (Department of Education)  E300.P5 
Planning and Research, Office of (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.P5-6 
Planning Board, State  P500 
Planning Bureau, State  P600 
Planning Data Services (Department of Transportation)  T700.D2 
Planning Division (Department of Commerce)   C400.P7 
Planning Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.I5
Planning, Information and Management Division C495.P5
Planning, Office of (Department of Transportation)   T700.P6 
Planning, Office of Coordinated (Department of Community Affairs)   C495.C6 
Plant Food, Feed, and Grain Division A400.P51
Plant Industry Division (Department of Agriculture)  A400.P5
Plumbing, State Board of _____ Contractors Examiners  S720.P4 
Podiatry, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.P6 
Policy and Communications, Office of  E300.P6 
Policy, Planning, and Technical Support Division G620.P4
Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.P65 
Polygraph, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.P64 
Port, Harbor, _____ and Terminal Commission  P975.P9 
Ports Authority  P900 
Postsecondary Education, Governor’s Commission to Improve Education (Committee on _____ Education)  G630.E3 
Pre-K Program B700.P7
Preservation of Natural Areas, Council for the  P375 
Press and Consumer Services, Office of (Department of Agriculture)  A400.C6 
Preventable Disease Services (Department of Public Health)  H700.P7 
Printing, Department of Public  P950 
Prison and Parole Commission  P701 
Prison Commission  P700 
Prison Farm, Reidsville (State Penitentiary) P400.F2 
Probate Court Judges, Council of  J800.P7 
Probation, Division of (Department of Offender Rehabilitation)  R300.P6 
Professional Development, Office of (Department of Corrections) R300.P7
Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.E5 
Professional Practices Commission, Georgia  P775.P65 
Professional Standards Commission (Department of Public Printing)  P950.S7 
Professional Standards Commission E375
Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation, Division of (Department of Family and Children Services)  W400.P7 
Program Study Committee, State  P775.P7 
Project Notification Review System (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.P6 
Properties Commission, Georgia State  P775.P8
Property and License Tax Unit (Department of Revenue)  R400.P7 
Psychoeducational Network (Department of Education)  E300.P7 
Psychologists, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.P71 
Public Buildings and Grounds, Keeper of _____ (Governor)  G600.K4 
Public Defender Standards Council, Georgia  D300
Public Employee Health Benefits, Division of  C900.E4
Public Health, Department of  H700 
Public Health, Department of (July 1, 2011-)  P780 
Public Health, Division of (Department of Community Health)  C900.P8
Public Health, Division of (Department of Human Resources)  H800.P8
Public Information and Publications Division (Department of Education)  E300.P8
Public Information Office (Department of Transportation)  T700.I5 
Public Information, Office of (Department of Offender Rehabilitation)  R300.P8 
Public Information, Office of (Department of Public Safety)  S200.I5 
Public Library Services, Office of (Technical College System of Georgia) T500.L5
Public Printing, Department of  P950 
Public Relations and Film Division (Department of Community Development)  C500.P8 
Public Safety, Department of  S200 
Public School Recruitment Services  E300.P85 
Public Service Commission  P800 
Public Services Committee (University System)  U500.P8 
Public Telecommunications Commission (Georgia Public Broadcasting)  T600 
Public Telecommunications Task Force (Governor)  G600.T4 
Public Transportation (Department of Transportation)  T700.P8 
Publications, Public Information and _____ Division (Department of Education)  E300.P8 
Pupil Personnel Services, Division of Special Education and (Department of Education) E300.S6 
Quality Services, Division of B700.Q8
Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Court System, Commission on (Supreme Court)  J800.S92 
Rail Passenger Authority, Georgia  R200 
Railroad, Western and Atlantic _____ Commission  P875.W4 
Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board S720.R4 
Reapportionment Services Office (General Assembly)  L414.R4 
Records, Compiler of State _____ (Governor)  G600.R4 
Recreation Commission  R275.R4 
Recreation Division (Citizens’ Council) C550.R4 
Recreation Planning Section (Department of Natural Resources, Office of Planning and Research)  N200.P5 
Recreation, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.R41 
Recruitment Section (State Merit System of Personnel Administration)  M300.E9 
Refugee Health Section (Department of Public Health)  P780.R4 
Regents, Board of (University System)  U500.R4 
Regional Development Centers  (As of 1993, Regional Development Centers are not part of the State Documents Depository Program) P650
Regional Education Services Division (Department of Education)  E300.R4 
Regional Transportation Authority T730
Registration Unit (Department of Revenue)  R400.R4 
Regulatory Services, Office of (Department of Human Resources)  H800.R2 
Regulatory Support Program (Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Water Resources Branch)  N200.R4
Rehabilitation Services (Department of Labor)  L200.R4 
Rehabilitation Services, Division of  H800.V6 
Rehabilitation, Department of Offender  R300 
Rental Assistance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.R42
Research and Development, Office of (Department of Community Affairs) C495.R4 
Research and Evaluation, Office of (Division of Information Services) C495.R4
Research and Planning, Office of (University System of Georgia)  U500.R41 
Research and Statistics, Division of (Department of Family and Children Services)  W400.R4 
Research Division (Department of Community Development)  C500.R4 
Research Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.R3-4 
Research Division (Forestry Commission)  F600.R4 
Research Office (General Assembly)  L411.R4 
Residential Finance Authority  R340 
Resource Planning Section (Department of Natural Resources)  N200.P51 
Retirement System, Employees’  E400 
Retirement System, Teachers’  T400 
Revenue Commissioner (State Tax Commissioner)  R410 
Revenue, Department of  R400 
Revenue, Tax _____ Study Commission (Commission of Economy and Taxation)  R775.E3 
Right of Way Department (Department of Transportation)  T700.R5 
Risk Management Services A300.R5
Rome-Floyd County Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.R6 
Roosevelt Warm Springs (Vocational Rehabilitation Agency) V600.R6
Roosevelt, Franklin D._____ Warm Springs Memorial Commission  N240 
Rural Development, Office of C495.R8
Rural Hospital Stabilization Committee C900.R8

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