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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index A-B

List of agencies

Academic Affairs, Administrative Committee on U500.A3 
Academic Committee on Libraries (University System) U500.L5 
Academy for the Blind, Macon E450.B4
Access and Fairness in the Courts, Committee on J800.A4
Accident Reporting Division (Department of Public Safety)  S200.A3 
Accountancy, State Board of _____ Examiners S720.A2-3 
Accounting Office, State A200
ADA Coordinator's Office, State F500.A4
Addictive Diseases, Division of B400.A3
Addictive Disease, Office of H800.A33
Adjutant-General’s Office  D410 
Administration and Finance, Division of (Department of Education) E300.A2 
Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs  U500.A3 
Administrative Hearings, Office of State  A250
Administrative Office of the Courts  J800
Administrative Procedure Division (Secretary of State)  S700.A3 
Administrative Services (inactive) A300 
Administrative Services, Department of M300
Administrative Services (Department of Public Health)  H700.A3 
Adoptions, Office of (Department of Human Resources)  H800.A3 
Adult and Vocational Education, Office of E300.A3
Adult Education (Georgia Express Project) (Department of Education)  E300.A31 
Adult Education, Department of Technical and  T500 
Adult Education, Division of (Department of Education)  E300.A3 
Adult Education, Task Force on  E300.A32 
Advisory Committee (State Merit System of Personnel Administration)  M300.A3 
Advisory Faculty Committee on Tenure (University System) U500.T3 
Advocates of the Georgia Adult Literacy Initiative (Department of Education)  E300.A33 
Aging Services, Division of  H800.A4 
Aging, Commission on  H875.A4 
Aging, Governor’s Commission on  G630.A34 
Aging, Office of (Department of Human Resources)  H800.A4 
Agricultural and Industrial Development Board  A500 
Agricultural Commodity Commission (Department of Agriculture)  A410.A4 
Agricultural Industrial Board  A475.A4 
Agricultural Statistics Service A400.C7
Agriculture, Department of  A400 
Agriculture, Department of (Commissions) A410 
Agrirama Development Authority A675.A3
Alcohol, Study Commission of  G630.A4 
Alcohol, Tax and Control Unit (Department of Revenue) R400.A4 
Alcoholism, Commission on  H875.A41 
Alma-Bacon County Planning Commission P650.A5 
Altamaha Georgia Southern Area RDC  P650.A4 
Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Advisory Council H800.A49
American Indian Concerns, Georgia Council on  G630.I5 
Animal Health Division, Dept. of Agriculture A400.A5
Appeals, Court of (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.A6 
Appellate Jurisdiction Review Commission G630.A6
Apple Commission (Department of Agriculture) A410.A6 
Area Planning and Development, Advisory Committee on C495.A7
Architects, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.A7 
Archives and History (Department of Secretary of State)  S700.A7 
Arts, Commission of the  A775.A7 
Arts, Georgia Council for the _____ (Governor’s Budget Bureau)  G620.A7 
Assessment, Division of (Department of Education) E300.T4 
Assessment and Accountability (Department of Education) E300.A8
Athens-Clarke Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.A82 
Athens-Clarke County Planning Commission P650.A82 
Atlanta Regional Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.A8 
Atlanta World’s Fair Study Commission  G630.A8 
Attorney General L310 
Audits and Accounts, Department of A800 
Audits, Department of  A800 
Augusta-Richmond Area Planning and Development Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.A83 
Aviation Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.A9 
Aviation Programs (Department of Transportation) T700.A9
Banking and Finance, Department of B100 
Banking, Department of  B100 
Barbers, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.B2 
Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Department of _____  B400 
Bicentennial, Georgia Commission for the National _____ Celebration  S730 
Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library for the _____ (Department of Education)  E300.B3 
Blind, Academy for the _____, Macon  E450.B4 
Blind, Industries for the V600.B5
Board for Physician Workforce  C910 
Board of Capitol Commissioners  G640 
Board of Natural Resources  N300
Board of Regents (University System)  U500.R4 
Board of Review, Office of (Department of Labor)  L200.E45 
Boys, Training School for  E450.T7 
Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission  B600
Bright from the Start (Department of Early Care and Learning) B700
Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Planning Commission (State Planning and Development Commission)  P650.B7 
Budget and Investigating Commission B975.B9 
Budget Bureau, Governor’s (Office of Planning and Budget)  G620 
Budget Services Unit (Department of Human Resources)  H800.B8 
Budget, Legislative _____ Office (Legislature) L400.B8 
Building and Loans, Division of (Secretary of State)  S700.B8 
Building Authority, Georgia  A320 
Buildings and Grounds, Keeper of Public _____ (Governor) G600.K4 
Bureau of Investigation, Georgia  I675.I5
Business Enterprise Program (Vocational Rehabilitation Agency) V600.B8
Business and Financial Assistance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.B8
Business Enterprise Program L200.B8 

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