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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: List of classes M-O

List of Classes

Call No.  / Agency (Current/former name)

M290  Department of Medical Assistance
M300  State Personnel Administration (formerly Georgia Merit System; formerly Merit system of Personnel Administration); abolished as of July 1, 202, see A300.H8 for Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Administration
.A3   Advisory Committee
.E6   Employment Services Division
.E9   Recruitment Section
.T7   Training Division
M400  State Commission on Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Service Delivery
M475.M4 Council on Mental Retardation
M480  Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
M490  Military Department
M500  Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology
.G4   Geological Survey
M600  Motor Vehicle Safety,  Department of (a continuation of Department of Public Safety, see S200); (continued by  Department of Driver Services, see D700)
N200  Department of Natural Resources
.C6   Communications Office
.C63 Coastal Resources Division
.E5   Environmental Protection Division
.F6   Division of Forestry
.G2   Wildlife Resources Division
.G3-4 Geologic and Water Resources Division (continued by Water Resources Branch, Regulatory Support Program, see N200.R4)
.H5   Historic Preservation Division; includes Georgia Civil War Commission (formerly Office of Historic Preservation)
.L3 Law Enforcement Division
.M5   Division of Mines, Mining, and Geology
.P2   Parks and Historic Sites Division (formerly Division of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites; Parks and Recreation Division; Recreation Division)
.P5   Office of Planning and Research, Recreation Planning Section
.P51  Office of Planning and Research, Resource Planning Section
.P6   Office of Planning and Research, Historic Preservation Section
.P65  Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
.R4   Water Resources Branch, Regulatory Support Program (formerly Georgia Geologic Survey)
.W5   Division of Wildlife
N220  Surface Mined Land Use Board
N230  North Georgia Mountains Authority
N240  Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission
N300  Board of Natural Resources
O575.G2 Oil and Gas Commission

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