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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: List of classes C-D

List of Classes

Call No.  / Agency (Current/former name)

C100  Georgia Child Care Council
C200  Department of Juvenile Justice (formerly Department of Children and Youth Services)
C300  Department of Commerce and Labor
C400  Department of Commerce
.P6   State Planning Commission
.P7   Planning Division
.T6   Tourist Division
C495  Department of Community Affairs
.A7   Advisory Committee on Area Planning and Development
.B8   Business and Financial Assistance Division
.C5   Georgia Clean and Beautiful
.C55  Community Finance Division
.C6   Office of Coordinated Planning
.E5   Planning and Environmental Management Division 
.F5   Office of Financial Assistance
.G6   Government Information Division  
.H6   Safe and Affordable Housing/Housing Finance Division 
.I5   Intergovernmental Assistance Division
.P5   Planning, Information and Management Division (formerly Planning and Management Division)
.R4   Office of Research and Evaluation, under Division of Information Services
.R42 Rental Assistance Division
.R8   Office of Rural Development
.S4 Commission on Service and Volunteerism
.T4   Technical Assistance Division
.W3 Waste Management, Office of
C500 Department of Community Development
.B8   Bureau of Community Affairs (continuation of Community Affairs Division, see C500.C6) 
.C6   Community Affairs Division (continued by Bureau of Community Affairs, see C500.B8)
.I5   Bureau of Industry and Trade
.P8   Public Relations and Film Division
.R4   Research Division
.T6   Tourist Division
C550  Citizens’ Council
.R4   Recreation Division
.S2   Safety Council
.Y6   Youth Council
C575.C3 Child Fatality Review, Office of (merged with and is continued by Office of the Child Advocate, part of the Office of Planning and Budget, see G620.C5; then transferred to Georgia Bureau of Investigation, see I675.I5)
C575.C4 Children’s Code Commission
C575.C5 Civil War Centennial Commission
C600  Constitution
C610.R4 Constitutional Convention Revision Committee
C675.C6 Commission to Revise the Constitution of Georgia  (formerly Select Committee on Constitutional Revision)
C675.C61 Commission on Compensation
C700  Comptroller General, Dept. of
C720  Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner (formerly Department of Insurance)
.F5   Fire Marshal's Office
C730  Comptroller General Safety Fire Commission (formerly Safety Fire Commission)
C775.C6 Citizen’s Committee to Advise the Comptroller-General-Elect
C775.C7 Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform 
C800  Department of Corrections (Continued by R300)
C820 Community Supervision, Department of
.F3 Georgia Commission on Family Violence
C900  Department of Community Health
.E4   Division of Public Employee Health Benefits
.H4   Office of Health Improvement
.L8 Council on Lupus Education and Awareness
.P3 Palliative Care and Quality of Life Advisory Council
.P8 Division of Public Health (continuation of Dept. of Human Resources. Division of Public Health, see H800.P8); (continued by Department of Public Health, see P780)
.R8 Rural Hospital Stabilization Committee
C910  Georgia Board for Physician Workforce
D275.D2 Day Care, Interagency Committee on 
D300  Georgia Public Defender Standards Council (continuation of Indigent Defense Council; see I475)
D400  Department of Defense
.C5   Division of Civil Defense
.M5   Military Division
D410  Adjutant-General’s Office
D475.D4 Council of Defense
D500  Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution
D575 Office of Disability Services Ombudsman
D700  Department of Driver Services (continuation of Dept. of Motor Vehicle Safety as of  July 1, 2005, see M600)
D710 Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency


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