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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: Agency Index I-L

List of agencies

Illiteracy, Georgia _____ Commission  E330 
Immigration and Investment Bureau  I400 
Immigration, Commissioner of Land and  L275.L2 
Immunization Program, Division of Health Protection P780.I4
Income Tax Division (Department of Revenue)  R400.I5 
Indigent Defense Council, Georgia  I475 
Industrial Commission  L222 
Industrial Commission (State Board of Worker’s Compensation)  L220 
Industrial Institute, Alto (State Penitentiary)  P400.A4 
Industry and Trade, Bureau of (Department of Community Development)  C500.I5 
Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Department of  I500 
Infectious Disease, Office of  H800.E5
Information and Public Information (Department of Revenue)  R400.P8 
Information and Publications, Division of (Department of Education)  E300.I52 
Information Systems Audit and Assurance Services, Division of Department of Audits  A800.I5 
Information Technology, Office of H800.I5 
Injury Trust Fund, Georgia Subsequent  I575 
Inmate Services Division (Department of Corrections) R300.I5
Inspection, Division of (Department of Labor)  L200.I5 
Inspector General, Office of H800.G4
Instruction, Georgia Program for Improvement of  E340 
Instructional Services, Office of (Department of Education)  E300.I5 
Instructional Technology, Division of  E300.I51 
Insurance, Department of  C720 
Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, Office of C720
Interagency Committee on Day Care  D275.D2 
Intergovernmental Assistance Division (Department of Community Affairs)  C495.I5 
Intermodal Division (Department of Transportation) T700.I58
International Education, Office of (University System) U500.A2
Intern, Governor’s Program (Governor)  G600.I5 
International Division (Department of Industry and Trade)  I500.I5 
Investigation, Georgia Bureau of  I675.I5 
Investment, Immigration and _____ Bureau  I400
Jekyll Island State Park Authority J400
Jobs for Georgia Graduates L200.J6
Joint Board of Family Practice (Board of Regents)  U500.R4 
Joint Committee reports  L410 
Joint miscellaneous publications  L413 
Judicial Council (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.J8 
Judicial Planning Committee  J850 
Judicial Procedures, Commission on  J875.J8 
Judicial Process Review Commission  G620.J9 
Judicial Processes, Governor’s Commission on  G630.J81 
Judicial Qualifications Commission J875.J9
Justice for Children, Committee on (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.S94 
Juvenile Court Judges, Council of  J800.J85 
Juvenile Justice, Department of  C200 
Juvenile, Georgia _____ Justice Coordinating Council  J880 
Keeper of Public Buildings and Grounds (Governor)  G600.K4 
Labor Information Systems (Department of Labor) (changed to Labor Market Information)  L200.E46 
Labor Market Information (changed to Workforce Information and Analysis) L200.E46 
Labor, Department of  L200 
Laboratories, Division of (Department of Public Health)  H700.L2 
Land and Immigration, Commissioner of  L275.L2 
Land Conservation Program (Environmental Finance Authority) E480.L3
Land Surveyor, State Board of Engineers and _____ Examiners  S720.E5 
Land Use Board, Surface Mined  N220 
Landscape, State Board of _____ Architects Examiners  S720.L2 
Land-use Planning Committee  L275.P7 
Law, Department of  L300 
Laws  L407 
Legislative Affairs and Communications, Office of H800.L4
Legislative and Government Affairs Division (Administrative Office of the Courts)  J800.L4 
Legislative Budget Office (Legislature)  L400.B8 
Legislative Conference, Lieutenant Governor’s  L600 
Legislative Counsel, Office of (Legislature)  L400.L4 
Legislature  L400 
Librarians, State Board of _____ Examiners  S720.L5 
Libraries, Academic Committee on (University System)  U500.L5 
Library (Department of Public Health)  H700.L5 
Library Commission  L575.L5 
Library Division (Department of Education)  E300.L5 
Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (Department of Education)  E300.B3 
Library, State (Department of Law)  L300.L5 
License, Property and _____ Tax Unit (Department of Revenue)  R400.P7 
Lieutenant Governor  L500 
Lieutenant Governor’s Legislative Conference  L600 
Literacy, Advocates of the Georgia Adult _____ Initiative (Department of Education)  E300.A33 
Literature Commission (Library Commission)  L575.L5 
Local Governance Commission G630.L55
Local Government Services Division (Department of Revenue)  R400.L6
Local Government, State and _____ Coordination Study (Governor)  G600.G6 
Local Health Branch (Department of Public Health)  H700.L6 
Local Systems Support Division (Department of Education)  E300.L6 
Lower Chattahoochee Valley RDC (Area Planning and Development Commission)  P650.L6 
Lunch, School _____ Division (Department of Education)  E300.S4
Lupus Education and Awareness, Council on (Department of Community Health) C900.L8

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