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Georgia State Government Documents - List of Classes and Agency Index: List of classes E-F

List of Classes

Call No.  / Agency (Current/former name)

E200 Department of Economic Development (continuation of Dept. of Industry, Trade and Tourism as of 7/1/2004, see I500)
.F5 Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office (formerly Georgia Film, Video and Music Office)
.G5 Global Commerce Division
.T6 Tourism Division
.W6 Workforce Division (formerly Governor's Office of Workforce Development)
E300  Department of Education
.A2   Office of School Administrative Services
.A3   Office of Adult and Vocational Education
.A31  Georgia Express Project (Adult Education); (formerly Task Force on Adult Education, see E300.A32)
.A32  Task Force on Adult Education
.A33  Advocates of the Georgia Adult Literacy Initiative
.A8 Assessment and Accountability
.B3   Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
.C2   Educational Campaign Committee
.C8   Curriculum, Instructions and Assessment 
.E3   Education Panel
.E4   Elementary Committee
.E9   Division for Exceptional Students
.F5  Office of Finance and Business Operations; includes Budget Services
.I5   Office of Instructional Services;
.I51  Division of Instructional Technology
.I52  Public Information and and Publications Division (formerly Publications and Information Serives; Division of Information and Publications)
.L5   Public Library Services Division (formerly State Library)
.L6   Local Systems Support Division
.M4   Memorial Committee
.N4   Division of Negro Education
.N8   School Nutrition Program
.P5   Office of Planning and Development
.P6   Policy and external Affairs, Office of (call no. previously used for Office of Policy and Communications)
.P7   Psychoeducational Network
.P8   Policy and Communications, Office of (formerly Public Information and Publications Division)
.P85 Public School Recruitment Services
.R4   Regional Education Services Division
.S4   School Lunch Division
.S5   Office of School Improvement
.S6   Division of Special Education Services and Supports
.S7   Office of Staff Services
.S75  Office of Standards, Instruction and Assessment
.S83  Office of Student Learning and Achievement
.S85  Student Services Unit
.S87  Student Support Services Division
.T4   Division of Assessment (formerly Teacher Certification Testing Program)
.T43  Office of Teacher and Student Support
.T45  Testing Division
.T48  Division of Textbook and Library Services
.V6   Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
.W22  Wartime Education Commission
E305  State Board of Education
E310  State Board of Vocational Education
E320  Higher Education Facilities Commission
E330  Georgia Illiteracy Commission
E340  Georgia Program for the Improvement of Instruction
E350  State Medical Education Board
E375 Professional Standards Commission
.A3 Education Accountability, Office of the
.E3 Commission on Education
.E4 Division for Educator Workforce Research and Development; (formerly Educational Professional Standards Commission) 
.E5 Environmental Educational Planning Committee
.W5 State Committee for the White House Conference on Education
E400  Employees’ Retirement System
E450.B4 Academy for the Blind, Macon
E450.D4 School for the Deaf, Cave Springs
E450.M4 State School and Hospital, Gracewood
E450.M5 State Hospital, Milledgeville
E450.T7 Training School for Boys
E450.T8 Training School for Girls
E450.T9 State Tuberculosis Sanitarium
E475.E4 Election Laws Study Commission
E480  Environmental Finance Authority (formerly Environmental Facilities Authority)
.E5 Division of Energy Resources
.L3 Land Conservation Program
.W3 Governor's Water Supply Program Task Force
F300  Joint Board of Family Practice
F500  State Financing and Investment Commission
.A4 State ADA Coordinator's Office
.C6 Construction Division
F600  Forestry Commission (formerly Forest Service; Forestry Dept., State; Forestry, State Board of)
.R4   Research Division
F700  Forest Research Council


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