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Tests and Measurements for the Social Sciences: Books Containing Test Critiques: Education

How to find tests and measures (scales, inventories, questionnaires, etc.) in the social sciences.

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Kelsey Forester
Education Librarian
Curriculum Materials Library

Books Containing Test Critiques: Education

Assessment in Gifted Education
Frances A. Karnes & Emily C. Collins

Main Library 2nd floor: LC3993.2 .K37

Descriptive and source information on tests for gifted children grades 1-12. Includes an "assessment matrix" to aid in choosing the appropriate instrument for a particular dimension and age group. 

Evaluating Classroom Instruction: A Sourcebook of Instruments
Gary Borich

Main Library 2nd floor: LB2823 .B67

Descriptive and source information for approximately 175 measures applicable to the classroom.  Includes published and unpublished tests.


Guide to 75 Tests for Special Education
Carolyn Compton

Main Library 2nd floor: LB1131 .C5416 1984

Provides descriptive and critical information for a wide range of published tests on such topics as intelligence, achievement, motor skills, speech and language, perception and memory. 

Instrumentation in Education:  An Anthology
Lloyd Bishop

Main Library 6th floor:  BF39 .B57 1993

Measurement of organizations and professional behavior within education and the social sciences. Entries on 850 measurements used in research literature 1950-1992.

Psychological Assessment in the Schools
James C. Impara and Linda L. Murphy

Main library 1st floor reference: BF22 .B8 1994

Reviews and location information for over 100 published instruments favored by child psychologists, drawn from the Mental Measurements Yearbooks, 1965-1992. 

Review of Student Assessment Instruments and Practices in Use in Secondary/Transition Projects
Lizanne DeStefano

Main library 5th floor: HV1568.5 .D470 1987

Appendix B contains descriptions of 140 tests.

Review of Tests and Assessments in Early Education (3-5 Years)
Margaret Bate, Marjorie Smith & Jeannette James; revised by Jeanette James

Main Library 2nd floor: Folio LB 3051 .B28 1980

Reviews tests of intelligence and specific abilities such as cognitive skills, language, social adjustment and behavior, and physical skills.

Socioemotional Measures for Preschool and Kindergarten Children
Deborah Klein Walker

Main Library 2nd floor: LB1115 .W22

Descriptive and source information for approximately 150 socioemotional measures for children age 3-6. Includes both published and unpublished measures in categories such as attitudes, interests, personality, self-concept, and social skills.

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Special Education and Rehabilitation Testing: Practical Applications and Test Reviews
Brian Bolton

Reprinted selections from the Test Critiques series.  Some entries may update the original Test Critiques entry.  Entries cover test background and development, practical applications, technical aspects, critique and list of references.


Special Educator's Complete Guide to 301 Diagnostic Tests
Roger Pierangelo & George Giuliani

Curriculum Materials Library: LC4019 .P53 2006

Describes the most commonly used tests in speial education.  Provides basic test data, strengths and weaknesses.

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