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Tests and Measurements for the Social Sciences: Full Text Tests in Books: Marriage & Family

How to find tests and measures (scales, inventories, questionnaires, etc.) in the social sciences.

Full Text Tests in Books: Marriage & Family

Assessing Children's Wellbeing: A Handbook of Measures
Sylvie Naar-King, et. al.

Science library 4th floor: RJ50 .C479 2004

List of tests by title


Evaluating and Treating Families: The McMaster Approach
Christine Ryan, et. al.

Science library 4th floor: RC488.5 .E937 2005

List of tests by title

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques 2nd edition
John Touliatos, Barry Perlmutter & Murray Straus

Main library 5th floor: HQ728 .H267 2001
(Previous edition at same call number)

Volume 3 contains test instruments.

List of tests by title

Handbook of Measurements for Marriage and Family Therapy
Norman Fredman & Robert Sherman

Science Library 4th floor: RC488.5 .F73 1987

List of tests by title

Marriage and Family Assessment: A Sourcebook for Family Therapy
Erik E. Filsinger

Repository: HV697 .M37 1983

List of tests by title

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Measures for Clinical Practice and Research: A Sourcebook 4th edition
Joel Fischer and Kevin Corcoran
Vol 1: instruments for couples and children
Vol 2: instruments for adults

Main Library Reference Desk: BF176 .C66 2007
(Previous editions Repository or Main library 6th floor, same call number.)

Lists of tests by title  in 2007 edition,  Volume 1:  tests for couples, tests for families, tests for children.  Volume 2: tests for adults

List of tests by title in 1994 edition

Play Diagnosis and Assessment - 2nd edition
Alice Sandgrund, Charles Schaefer & Karen Gitlin-Weiner

Science library 4th floor: RJ505 .P6 P524 2000
(Previous edition at same location and call number.)

List of tests by title 1990 edition

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