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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Emergencies

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What to do when....

Things don't always go as planned. Here's what to do when things go really wrong!

  • Police. On campus, dial 911.
  • Tornado: For severe weather, you'll get a notice from the Campus Alert System. The Office phone will probably ring with it as well.
    • Don't wait! Tell patrons to evacuate, quickly. You DO NOT need to stay to get them out if they are taking forever. Tell them to take only what they can quickly carry.
    • Take the key if you think of it.
    • Shut the office doors is there is time.
    • Close the Library entrance door.
    • The Aderhold Shelter space is in the stairwells, ground floor. Do NOT go up. Go as far down as you can.
    • Stay away from the doors--so you don't get sucked out-- and from the windows to avoid flying glass.
    • Stay in the shelter until you hear the all clear.
  • Fire: Same as for a tornado, except EXIT the building.
    • Our meeting place in the case of fire is across the street at the Life Sciences Complex across the parking lot from us.
    • Cross the street at meet at the Main Entrance. It's important that we gather so we know everyone is accounted for.
    • Stand under the facade pictured below (the white bit)  and wait for the rest of us.
  • Shooter: Not pleasant to think about, but we should.
    • Notify the UGA Police at 911 immediately.
    • Take the necessary precautions and actions to protect your well-being.
    • DO NOT pull the fire alarm to alert others of an active shooter or active threat.
    • Flee the area if you are able to do so safely and avoid danger. If you can flee, do the following:
      • Leave your belongings and keep your hands visible as you exit the area. This is so the Police can see you don't have a weapon.
  • If flight is impossible
    • Lock (and/or barricade) all doors
    • Turn off the lights.
    • Secure yourself in a safe area. Hide in an area out of the active shooter's view.
      • In the CML, get everyone behind the service desk/hold shelf and/or in Jason's or Carla's offices. Shut the office doors if possible. Stay down so you can't be seen from the windows.
    • If you have your backpack, hold it in front of you.
    • Stay down.
    • KEEP QUIET! Turn off your ringer.
    • Remain in place until an "all clear" is given by law enforcement.
    • Take action as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger. Attempt to incapacitate the active shooter or active threat by either throwing items or with physical aggression.So, throw those books! Throw the desensitizer! Throw your bookbag!
    • Please take a few minutes to watch a short training film here.
  • In the event of severe injury
    • In the hallway by the ladies' restroom is the emergency box with the fire extinguisher in. Open it and grab the Stop the Bleed Kit. People can bleed to death in five to eight minutes, which is about how long it takes for first responders to arrive. YOU ARE the first responder.
      • Apply pressure to the wound. The Stop the Bleed kit has a tourniquet in it. Apply it ABOVE THE BLEED AND KEEP IT THEREYou can't apply a tourniquet to the neck, groin, abdomen or to joints. It you can't use the tourniquet, keep the pressure on VERY HARD and don't lift up. Interlace your fingers for stability. Have someone else call 911. Your job is to STOP THE BLEED.

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