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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Charging Books

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Charging Books to Patrons

  • Open the Fulfillment link
  • Select Manage Patron Services
  • Ask for patron’s UGA card. If they don’t have one, any Government-issued photo ID is acceptable.
  • Scan their barcode or enter their name. Always be 100% certain you have pulled up the correct patron.
  • If you can't locate the patron name, type in their name and then click on the box next to GO and select their name from the list. Capitalizing the first and last names seems to make it work better.

  • If the patron's account has expired--
    • Jason can update it. If Jason is not available--
    • Contact the Main Access Services desk and they can update the patron's record.

Now you’re ready to charge!

  • Scan the barcode. If the book isn't ours, change the "Item Owner" to show, well, the owning library's name, and then scan as usual.
  • TELL the patron the due date and remind them that materials can be renewed twice online.
    • Show them how to renew if they do not know.
  • When patrons are checking out items with varying loan periods, meaning some books or videos which have different due dates from the others, point this out to the patron.

NOTE ABOUT IDs—every patron checking out a book MUST present a photo ID. This can be a UGA ID, a driver’s license, or even a credit card that features a photo. If the patron does not have a positive form of photo identification, offer to place the material on “courtesy hold” until they can return with ID. For a "courtesy hold", write the patron's name and the date on a slip of paper and put the book(s) on the Hold Shelf.   This is a rule we have to be tough about. The reason for the rule is because checking out material to the wrong person’s account is one of the worst, most potentially confusing things we can do. We must verify that the person in front of us is the person to whose account we’re charging books. Feel free to explain this to patrons who protest the policy, or ask Carla or Jason to do so.

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