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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Fees & Fines

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Collecting Fees & Fines

People have been known to forget to return Libraries' materials, or worse, lose them. When that happens, we need to collect fees and fines. We can accept fines for materials from the Main, Science or Music Libraries. One thing to note: Faculty do not pay fines, unless they have lost a book/materials. For the rest of our patrons, here's how to help:

To begin with we cannot accept partial payment of fees or fines. Get Jason or Carla is there is further discussion on this point.

Patrons' accounts are blocked when $15.00 or more is owed to the Libraries. This means that they can't: register, get a diploma, borrow materials from UGA nor GIL Express, and they can't get their transcripts. When patrons are charging a book out, it's a curtesy to tell them they have fines on their accounts. Often, they are not aware.

Now, to the heart of the matter:

  • When a patron says her/his books are overdue, first discharge the materials. The System can't calculate the fines until the materials are returned.
  • Open the patron's account, adhering to the usual protocols.
  • The fines will display under the patron's name.
  • Click Pay to begin the payment process
  • The next screen will look like this:
  • You have the option of Cash or Check from the drop-down menu

Collecting the fees/fines

  • Take a Gold Slip from the  wooden box on the Service Desk.
  • Record all the requested information, writing CLEARLY so that others can read it. You may use just the patron's 810 number and not the entire barcode if you wish.
  • Take the payment, making change as appropriate.
  • Next get the receipt book from the cash drawer. The receipt book provides carbon copies, so the patron gets a copy and we keep a copy. Each receipt, then, consists of two pages, one white & one yellow. The yellow is on the bottom. Insert the magazine under the yellow page. The next visible page should be white.
  • Fill out the requested information.
  • Ask the patron if a s/he wishes to keep a copy of the receipt. If so, tear off the white copy for her/his records. Otherwise, leave both copies in the book.


  • Click the SEND button at the bottom of the fines screen.
  • The new amount due should now be $0 under the patron's name.
  • Place the Gold Slip in the top left compartment of the money tray & return the tray to the drawer, lock it & hang up the key.

 Students may not forgive fines, nor make other changes to the Action. Consult Jason or Carla for any actions other than Payment.

Credit Card Payments of Fees and Fines

  • This part is easy. We can't take credit cards here. If a patron wishes to pay with a credit card, tell her/him that you will have to call the Main Library and read the card number over the phone to Access Services in Main. If s/he is not comfortable with that, provide her/him with the phone number to Access Services and the patron can contact Access Services directly.
  • Do not fill out any paper work for this transaction.

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