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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Opening & Closing Tasks

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Opening Tasks

Opening Tasks

Most days you won’t need to open the CML as the full-time staff will have done these tasks. This information is mostly for when you are working on Sundays.

  • Unlock the door and replace the key on its shelf.
  • Turn on the lights.
  • Open the screen on the GIL Look-up Station by activating the screen
  • Clear the bookdrop and replace the key on its hook.
    • Remember to change the discharge date using the calendar icon in the Fulfillment Option of ALMA and BACKDATE to the last date we were open
    • Discharge books & stamp them with the date that matches the last day we were open.


  • When you've discharged & stamped all the books from the book drop, change both date stampers forward to the current date.
  • Retrieve the money from the safe and put the money tray in the drawer. Replace the drawer key on the hook.
  • Tidy the room
    • Straighten chairs
    • Pick up litter
    • Re-shelve books
      • Re-discharge EVERYTHING before shelving.Be especially careful with books you’ve picked up from the tables, copier area, etc.
      • Be CERTAIN to discharge them  BEFORE putting them on the re-shelving truck
  • Tidy the Circulation Desk
    • Pick up and discard old notes, bits of paper, etc.

Now, settle in!

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Curriculum Materials Library

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Closing Time

Test Kits/Reserves

  • Students’ names are listed in the book. If they come and ask for a test by name, you can still check, but they’re okay to use them. I always ask them to just tell me the number(s) they want.
  • The key is on the giant paper clip by the hold shelf.
  • Tests are filed in numeric order.
    • When returning kits, please place them so the number tag can be seen.
  • To charge out & return, change the location to CML Reserves
  • Each kit has an inventory with the barcode on it. This is usually white foam core, but one of them is on cardboard, one is a sticker INSIDE the bag and one is in the back cover of one of the pieces. The patron can probably help you find them.
  • Ask the patron to check that all the pieces are included for both check-out & return.
  • These have a three-day loan period. We tend to extend the due date to the Monday so no one has to come in on a Sunday.
  • Please remember to lock the cabinet when you’re done.
  • Change the location back to CML Circulation. If not, the next non-kit will not check out and you’ll have to change it then. No worries either way.

Book Drops

  • The key for the book drop from the hallway is hanging on a hook under the counter, next to the stack of drawers on the far left.
  • The other book drop is at the end of the counter practically next to the key.

Book Trucks

  • Please discharge and sensitize and add to the shelving trucks.
    • Aaron Books have the bottom shelf on the red truck & it’s marked
    • Everything else is on the beige truck to the left of that.
    • Please sort the returns by call number as they come in.
    • Don’t worry about Cur Mat or Juv. We just interfile by LC number.
    • DO watch for folio and Aaron, however.

Paying Fines

  • The money drawer is locked and the key for it is by the Test Kits key by the hold shelf.
    • There is a good pen for writing the receipt etc in the drawer. Please put it back when you’re done.
    • Write a receipt from the receipt book and the gold slip, putting the gold slip in the case drawer.
    • Please add your initials to the receipt & the gold slip

GIL Express & ILL

  • Hold shelf is sorted by patron last name.
  • Interlibrary Loan books are on the next shelf to the left.
    • Have the patron sign the slip and then put that on Jason's desk, or on mine if he's on vacation,  please.


  • Transit slips print from the printer by the window. Please put the slip & the returned book in the bin by the hold shelf.

The Key

  • If you need to leave for the restroom, if there is a patron here, pls just ask them to stay while you’re gone. They’re usually pretty good sports.
  • If you need to leave and there’s no one here, pls take the key (Homer Simpson keyring, on the shelf near the WEPA) and pull the door closed. Pls don’t lock yourself out because no one will be in the building to let you back in. My cell phone is 706.347.3536.
  • When you unlock the door, turn the key to the right. This lets you in but doesn’t completely unlock the door.


  • Help yourself! There are cups in the bottom drawer of the counter, on the right by Jason’s office.


  • Check the book drops
  • Discharge what you find
  • Put on the trucks
  • Push in the chairs
  • About 10 mins before closing, pls feel free to shut off the lights at the end of each part of the room, to, well, set the mood for closing.
  • If people come in after 7:50, please do feel free to remind them that we close at 8pm.
  • Sign out of the computer after you clock out.
  • Stroll happily to the door, shutting off any other lights and pull the door shut.
  • Accept our grateful thanks for your help!