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CML Student Worker Training Guide: GIL Express & Deliveries

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GIL Express Books/Finding in GIL-Universal Catalog

GIL Express is a state-wide "library", which allows patrons to borrow BOOKS from any of the University System of Georgia Libraries. This is only for books and may include borrowing books we own which are in use as well as books we do not have. Interlibrary Loan is for both articles and books but ONLY for materials we do not own. GIL Express may be delivered anywhere in the State, including the CML.

See the separate tab for info on Interlibrary Loan.

Helping Patrons Find GIL Express Books:

The Libraries' Homepage has a link to GIL Express. Find it and become familiar with it. You will need to

  • Be able to explain the difference between GIL, GIL-Express, Interlibrary Loan & On-campus Delivery
  • Help patrons access GIL-Express
  • Help patrons access On-Campus Delivery

April 2019

When GIL Express Books Arrive

GIL Express books arrive in the daily mail. They are identifiable by the GIL Express band taped around the front cover. When they arrive at the CML they need to be SCANNED, using the Fulfillment function.

If the book is a CML book which was lent to another library

  • Scan as usual.
  • Remove the GIL Express band
    • Put ONLY the band on the shelf with the other bands below the the Hold Shelf
  • Sensitize the book and put it on the shelving truck

If the book is a GIL Express book for one of our patrons:

  • Click on Fulfillment
  • Identify the Lending Library and select that institution from the drop-down list in the Library function.
  • Scan as usual
  • A hold slip will be printed
  • Place the hold slip in the book and file it on the Hold Shelf, alphabetically by Patron Last Name. DO NOT REMOVE THE GIL EXPRESS BAND. (Tip: Fold the slip in half, lengthwise, and fold the top part down so that Requested For: Pan, Peter is now at the top of the page. Place inside the front cover. Folding the top down keeps it from getting caught in the shelving and may reduce swearing.)

When our patron comes to get the book:

  • In Fulfillment & "Manage Patron Services", perform the usual patron identification procedures
  • Go to the Hold Shelf & find the book(s) by patron last name
  • Click on the Charge Icon
  • Select the Lending Library as described above
  • Scan the barcode as usual
  • Remind the patron that the loan period is 28 days with two renewals and in order to renew the book they need to go their library account (patron version) as we don't have access from ALMA.

April 2019

Delivery Books

Delivery Books  are books which have been delivered to the CML from other on-campus libraries at a patron's request. This service is available to faculty, staff and students.

Delivery Requests

Patrons can now request delivery of BOOKS through GIL-FIND. Try it yourself:

  • GIL Find
  • Search for a title
  • Open the record
  • Find "Place Request"
  • Test it yourself (you needn't follow through unless there IS something you'd like to see)

These books are treated like other titles on hold. There should be a slip in it upon arrival in the mail. Charge & discharge as you would for any other book we receive from or return to Main or Science. See below for more details.

To Assist Patrons in placing a Delivery Request

  • Identify the desired title
  • Have patron login to their Library Account
  • Click "Get it". Wait a few seconds for it to load
  • Click "Request"
  • Select BOTH the pick up institution and the pick up library: Ex. University of Georgia and Curriculum Materials Library
  • Click "Request" (orange button)

To assist a Patron in retrieving the book after delivery:

  • Access the patron record as usual.
  • On the right side of the patron record you'll see the number of books waiting for them. THIS IS ONLY FOR OUR UGA BOOKS!

  • Proceed with charging as usual.

April 2018

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Curriculum Materials Library

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Returning GIL Express

GIL Express Books are returned like every other book EXCEPT that you need make sure you open the owning library's link before discharging the book.

Discharge as normal and put the printed receipt slip in the book.

Return to the LOWER shelf on the Hold Bookcase.

Books which are overdue may NOT be renewed. They have to be returned and re-requested.

Patrons don't pay fines on overdue GIL Express books, but they are blocked from any other borrowing, including from us, until the book is discharged.