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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Shelving

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Books on the Shelves

Shelving makes up a significant part of your work life in the CML. With over 60,000 titles here, we need to be accurate when doing this work.

Everyone needs to shelve. Here are some general guidelines to make this go smoothly for all our student workers.

Please plan to spend at least half of your shift working on shelving. This includes:

  • Collecting books from the book drops--the one near the entrance and the one in the service desk
  • Collecting books from the tables and the book trucks that are around
  • Checking the sorting truck for media/puppets/books
  • Test kits need to be replaced in the locked cabinet upon discharge. Remember to use "Reserves" for this action.
  • Discharge every single item before you shelve it. No exceptions. We do this to make sure that we haven't missed anything.
    • Watch the screen when discharging items. Make sure Reshelve to 5CML Juvenile/Cur Mat displays on the screen. (The 5CML is just an ALMA thing, so don't worry about the 5.)
  • Sort the materials to be shelved.

Shelf reading is another part of this task. What is shelf reading? It's the job of going along the shelves and making sure that things are in the proper order. We have a tutorial for you to watch to help you become better acquainted with what this means.

What's a good order of priority for tasks?

  1. Help patrons at the desk
  2. See to daily tasks, such as the mail. This way the mail bins aren't on the service desk and things look more professional
  3. Collect/discharge/sort books for shelving
  4. Test kits should be shelved immediately after being discharged. Remember to use "Reserves" to charge & discharge the kits.
  5. Shelve
  6. Shelf-read
  7. Be present at the desk. This is when you may do your homework when everything else is done.
  8. When you have about ten minutes left on your shift, check the drop boxes, discharge items and reshelve the materials. Try not to leave work for your colleagues on the next shift.

Please be considerate of your fellow workers. Please try very hard NOT to leave piles of work for the next person. It's not always possible to have everything done, but please make a good-faith effort to try.

Thank you again for all you do. We couldn't function without you.

April 2019



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