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CML Student Worker Training Guide: Daily Tasks

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Starting Your Shift

  • Check with Jason & Carla to see what needs to be done. Searching is always a possibility.
  • Empty the recycling boxes (not the trash cans that the custodians get, but the recycling boxes by our desks).
  • Tidy the service desk area. Pick up scraps of paper, trash, etc.
  • Check that the pencil cups by the public workstations are full, as are the scrap paper holders.
    • Need more scrap paper? Cut some from the paper we’re recycling.
  • Finih your library work before you start your homework.
  • Shelve. It is important to spend at least half of your shift shelving or as needed.
    • Please do not leave materials to be shelved for the next shift. It’s just rude. (If a whole class comes in as you're leaving and returns 75 books, that's different....)
  • Shelf read.Spend at least 30 minutes shelf reading each shift. Check with Jason to see where to start.
  • When Jason is not available, please answer the phone

Mail & Returned Items

  • Sort mail.
    • Give Jason & Carla their mail.
  • Bins Full of Books

What comes out of the return bins needs to be taken care of:

  • Under "Fulfillment" select "Manager Item Returns"
  • Click "Yes--Automatically Print Slip"
  • Scan in the barcode
  • Books from other libraries, i.e., GIL Express books, will need to have the institution name changed to the owning library of the book in your hand.
  • Slips print, but take a while. Keep all the books which will get slips together by the printer.
  • Books on hold are placed on a separate bookcase. Materials are arranged alphabetically by patron last name.
  • Sometimes a book meant for another campus library arrives at the CML. Such a book should be scanned, the slip printed and placed in the book and then put the book back in the mail bin.
    • Patron Purchase Requests that have arrived
      • The item will have a hold slip inside that is mostly blank, with a small image box in the middle that has the name of the faculty member for whom it was ordered.Simply give these to Carla so that she can notify the faculty members the books have arrived.
    • GIL Express
      • These are books that either have been requested from another USG library for our patrons or our books that were lent to another school through GIL Express.
      • Always scan in these books, whether they are ours or belong to another school.
      • Check to identify the owning library and then select that library from the list in the scan function.
      • A hold slip will print for the book if it is for our patron.
      • Place the hold slip in the book and then put it on the Hold Shelf.
      • If the book belongs to UGA, scan it, remove the GIL Express Band (the ONLY time you should EVER remove a GIL Express Band!),
        • stamp the return date in the back and then treat it like any other returned book.
        • Return the used band to the shelf under the Hold Shelf.
    • New books come to us from the Acquisitions Department and should already have a security strip in place and be sensitized.
      • Scan each book and every piece of the item, ex. a CD in the back pocket is always discharged along with the book.
      • Sensitize
      • Place on the New Books truck against the wall
    • Periodicals
      • New periodicals come to us from the Serials Department
      • School Library Journal & Horn Book
        • When these titles arrive, please give them to Carla

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