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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents

Sessional Papers: House of Lords

NOTE:Between 1541 and 1730, it is often necessary to rely on the Journals (described above) for reports of committees or government departments. These publications are indexed in the Journals under the headings "Printing" and "Reports of Committees."


U.K. Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest)  

House of Lords Papers 1714-1805


Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Sessional Papers. 1714-1805 in 60 volumes.
MAGIL, compact shelving (J301 .J6).


Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Sessional Papers. 1806-1859 in 559 microfilm reels.
MAGIL, microfilm cabinets (J301 .J6).

A printed reel guide and checklist of papers (J 301.J6 Guide) is shelved in MAGIL, index area.


Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. [Parliamentary Papers].
MAGIL, open stacks (Gt. Brit. 10-4).

This collection includes unbound papers from 1906/07 to present, with the majority falling in the period 1967/68 to present.


House of Lords Publications on the Internet.

This site provides Debates, 1994 to present. Other series at the site offer more limited years of coverage.



Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. A General Index to the Sessional Papers, printed by order of the House of Lords. 5 volumes.
MAGIL, closed stacks (J301 .J62 Index).

These volumes are cumulative indexes for 1714-1885.


Ford, Percy Select List of British Parliamentary Papers, 1833-1899.
MAGIL, index area (J 301 .M3 1969).

The Sale Catalogues of British Government Publications, 1836-1921 (reprint in 4 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G85 1975).

Catalogues and Indexes of British Government Publications, 1920-1970 (reprint in 5 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G82220).

Great Britain. Stationery Office. Government Publications, 1966- . Annual cumulation with monthly issues.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G822). [Title changed to Annual Catalogue with 1985.]

Cumulative Index to the Annual Catalogues of Her Majesty's Stationery Office Publications, 1922-1972 (2 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G7 .B50).