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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents

Members of Parliament


Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Members of Parliament, 1878 (3 volumes).
6th floor (JN672 .A5 1878).

Part 1 covers the Parliaments of England, 1213- 1702. Part 2 covers the Parliaments of Great Britain, 1705- 1790, Parliaments of the UK, 1810- 1874, and parliaments for Scotland, 1357-1707, and for Ireland, 1559-1800. Chronological lists of M.P's including residence, constituencies and dates of return are also given. The index includes a listing of M.P's for the parliament of 1880-1885.


Dictionaries and Directories

U.K. Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest) Members, Offices & Constituencies section

Hansard Member Profiles ~1700s-present. Search by name, constituency. Filter by offices held, party affiliation, nation.


Dod's Parliamentary Companion. London, 1832- .
Latest in Main Ref (JN500 .D6).

The Library has various years from 1961 to present in print; most years 1833-1909 on microcard (basement); 16 years between 1843 and 1891 on microfilm (basement).


Dictionary of National Biography.
Main 4th floor (DA28 .D47).

This is the standard biographical dictionary of deceased Britons of note.


Who's Who.
Latest in Main Ref (DA28 .W627).

The Library has 1898 to date with gaps.


Who was Who. 1897-.
Main Ref (DA28 .W628).

This is a companion to Who's Who, containing biographies of those who died.


The Times Guide to the House of Commons.
Latest in Main Ref (JN672 .T6).

This source includes results of the polling, biographies of members and unsuccessful candidates, photographs of all members, and a complete analysis, statistical tables and a map of the General Election. Library has volumes covering many elections from 1970 to 2005.


Fryde, E. B., et al. Handbook of British Chronology.
4th floor (DA34 .P6 1986).

Lists principal office-holders and rulers from England's settlement to 1985. Also has a comprehensive list of English and British parliaments including dates and assembly places.


Judd, Gerrit P. Members of Parliament, 1734-1832.
6th floor (JN672 .J9).

A statistical study of M.P.'s showing economic and social status, educational and professional data, length of service, etc., with a "checklist of members" which gives citations to sources such as University alumni registers, DNB, etc.


See also: Voting records of the House of Commons,1760-1820