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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents


The Journals present the official account of the proceedings of Parliament, including the records of motions passed, suspended, amended or withdrawn; the record of papers laid before each House; and lists of members appointed to committees, etc. Some years, main arguments of speeches given in Parliament are included. Journals are especially useful for the period prior to the 19th century when there were no official records of debates.

University of Georgia has the following Journals:

Journals (Commons and Lords) 1688-1834

U.K. Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest) 

House of Commons

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Journals of the House of Commons, vols. 1-113 (1640s-1858/59; indexing 1547-).
MAGIL, compact shelving (folio J301 .K3).

Cumulative indexes are interfiled with the Journals. Cumulative indexes covering 1547 through 1890 are also available on microprint and shelved before: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. British Sessional Papers. Readex Corporation. MAGIL, closed stacks (MCP J301 .K61). Beginning with volume 30 of the Journals (1765) sessional indexes are also available, usually in the final volume of the session. Indexing of the Journals is also provided in Hansard's Catalogue of Parliamentary Reports...1696-1834, MAGIL, closed stacks (J301 .R2 Index V.1).


House of Lords

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Journals, vols. 5-89 (1642/43-1857).
MAGIL, compact shelving (folio J301 .J3). Some volumes are missing (e.g., 31 & 32 covering 1764/5 - 1769/70)

This set includes one cumulative index covering volumes 20-35 (1714-79). A Calendar of Journals (J301 .J4) is shelved at the end of the set and contains a brief subject ("heads") index covering 1509-1857. In addition, each volume starting with volume 53 (1820) includes its own sessional index.