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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents


UGA now has access to U.K. Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest), a rich resource providing searchable full text of most of the Parliamentary Papers covered in this guide as well as content not previously available at UGA.  We recommend you use this database first!  

The bulk of this guide is intended to provide scholars with a listing of the primary collections of British Parliamentary Papers and reference sources relative to parliamentary research available at the University of Georgia.  The guide also contains a section covering other British government documents falling outside the scope of the Parliamentary Papers. The guide should not be regarded as comprehensive.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the U.K. Parliamentary Papers database please contact the Map and Government Information Library (MAGIL) for assistance.  

We have organized the contents of this guide by category of document. For each category there is a brief description of the sort of documents comprising that category. After the descriptive matter there follows a listing of individual collections or sources and indexes. The category Command Papers also includes specific guidance on searching.



This guide has been adapted principally from:

British Parliamentary Papers and Other Government Publications (Duke University)(no longer available)

with additional material from:

British Parliamentary Papers (Emory University) (no longer available)
Government Publications - Great Britain Selected Reference Materials (Columbia - Butler Library)


Note 1: In this guide print or microform items known to be missing before the fire of July 2003 are so indicated. Items believed to be temporarily unavailable due to post-fire processing (scattered debates, journals, etc.) or destroyed in the fire (mainly fiche) have not been systematically indicated in this guide.
Note 2: Abbreviations:
         MAGIL = Map and Government Information Library in the subbasement of the Main Library.
         SCL = Special Collections Libraries


Contact John Prechtel ( if you have questions about this guide.