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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents


Bond, Maurice F. Guide to the Records of Parliament.
2nd floor, general stacks (CD1063 .B63).

This source is especially useful for information about the House of Lords.


Ford, P. and Ford. G A Guide to Parliamentary Papers. 3d ed.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .A1 F6 1972).

This gives a fine explanation of all kinds of Parliamentary Papers.


Pemberton, John E. British Official Publications. 2d ed.
2nd floor, general stacks (Z2009 .P45 1973). (1st ed. is in MAGIL, index area.)

Rodgers, Frank. A Guide to British Government Publications.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .R62).

This source provides a comprehensive guide.


Rodgers, Frank. Serial Publications in the British Parliamentary Papers, 1900-1968; a bibliography.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .R63).