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British Parliamentary Papers and Other British Government Documents

Other British Government Documents

Until 1921 most important documents were presented to Parliament and thus included in the Sessional Papers. Since 1921 only papers expected to be relevant to impending legislation have been included, thus eliminating from the Sessional Papers many supplementary documents merely associated with legislation. In all periods certain other documents would likely be excluded from the Sessional Papers as well. These include minutes and records of Royal advisory bodies, as well as documents of an administrative or local nature. In general non-parliamentary British government documents must be sought in catalogs and other sources outside of the system of Sessional Papers.


Libraries' General Collection

Many British government publications are contained in the University of Georgia Libraries' print and microformat collections. Find these British documents by searching GILFind. Examples include:

Calendar ... (Abstracts) of the Public Record Office.
4th floor or basement depending on format (DA25... ) Complete title and call number varies.

The Calendars are books containing listings with abstracts of documents in the keeping of the Public Record Office. In many cases the abstracts provide extensive information taken from the original document. Individual volumes and groups of volumes cover distinct types of documents (state papers, patent rolls, probate records, etc.) from a particular reign or time period. The Calendars as a whole encompass the late Middle Ages through the 18th century. Search for these sources in GILFind using advanced search mode. Try searching by title keyword "calendar" and the author phrase "public record office". The Libraries' holdings of Calendars include both print and microcard formats.


Annual Abstract of Statistics.
Latest in Main Ref (HA1122 .A3).

British and Foreign State Papers (1812/14 to 1967/68).
6th floor (JX103 .A3).

Great Britain. Privy Council. Acts of the Privy Council of England, 1542-1628. (microcards)
MAGIL, microfiche cabinets (MCD J301 .N54).

Great Britain. Privy Council. Acts of the Privy Council of England : colonial series, 1613-1783.
Basement, microcard area (MCD DA25 .L3).

*(Reel 1 missing) Great Britain. Cabinet Office. Imperial Conferences, 1917-1937. (6 reels)
MAGIL, microfilm cabinets (FILM J301 .R15)

Great Britain. Cabinet Office. [minutes and conclusions (with indexes) of the war cabinet and cabinet, 1916-1939].(60 reels)
MAGIL, microfilm cabinets (FILM J301 .R152)

Great Britain. Cabinet Office. Cabinet Reports from Prime Ministers to the Crown, 1868-1916. (13 reels)
MAGIL, microfilm cabinets ([FILM] J301 .C320).


The Stationery Office. Official Documents.

Includes selected British documents starting in the 1940s with greater coverage going forward.


Catalogs, abstracts, and finding aids

GILFind, the Libraries' online catalog.

Do an advanced search for subjects, titles, or keywords and the author, Great Britain.

Great Britain. Stationery Office. Government Publications, 1966- . Annual cumulation with monthly issues. Title changed to Annual Catalogue with 1985.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G822).

Cumulative Index to the Annual Catalogues of Her Majesty's Stationery Office Publications, 1922-1972 (2 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G7 .B50).

Catalogues and Indexes of British Government Publications, 1920-1970 (reprint in 5 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G82220).

Beware the tiny print!


The Sale Catalogues of British Government Publications, 1836-1921 (reprint in 4 volumes).
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .G85 1975).

Beware the tiny print!


Morgan, A. Mary. British Government Publications; an index to chairmen and authors, 1941-1966.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .M64 1973).

Richard, Stephen. Directory of British Official Publications; a guide to sources.
MAGIL, index area (Z2009 .R533 1984).

Catalogue of British Official Publications not Published by HMSO. [Chadwyck-Healey] Annual, 1980-2000.
2nd floor, general stacks (FOLIO Z2009 .C37).

Great Britain. Stationery Office. British National Archives. (Government Publications Sectional List No. 24)
2nd floor, general stacks (Z2009 .G84A12 no. 24 1984)

This pamphlet contains extensive listings of the publications of the Public Record Office. The listings include the various Calendars as well as reports, registers, and other sets of records in the British National Archives that have been published in print or on microfilm.


Finding aids for Commission Reports and Related Papers

Great Britain. Stationery Office. Royal Commissions, 1937-1983. (Government Publications Sectional List No. 59)
2nd floor, general stacks (Z2009 .G84 A12 no. 59).

Pemberton, John E. British Official Publications. 2d ed. rev.
2nd floor, general stacks (Z2009 .P45 1973).

See pages 76-86 for an alphabetical list of Royal Commissions, 1900-1972. [Or see pages 73-86 in 1st edition in MAGIL, index area.]


Finding aids for Foreign Affairs

Parry, Clive. An index of British treaties, 1101-1968.
Main Ref (JX636 1892 Index 1101-1968).

This is a comprehensive index to British treaties covering not only the contents of the Treaty Series of the Sessional Papers but also the contents of numerous other sources.


Temperley, Harold. A Century of Diplomatic Blue Books, 1814-1914. (1966 reprint of the 1938 title).
Main Ref, index table 7b (Z2009 .T28 1966a).

Vogel, Robert. A Breviate of British Diplomatic Blue Books, 1919-1939.
2nd floor, general stacks (Z2009 .V8).