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Newspapers at the UGA Libraries: National Newspapers

A guide to finding newspapers online and on microfilm at the UGA Libraries, including historical and international newspapers.

National Newspapers


To find a U.S. newspaper by title, see the How To... page in this guide. 



If you would like to focus your search to find articles from U.S. newspapers, here are several databases that will enable you to target your search:

  • U.S. Newsstream 
    Offers access to a large array of national, regional, and local newspapers with coverage from 1980 up to the present day. 
  • U.S. Major Dailies 
    Provides access to five of the most respected U.S. national newspapers, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune, with coverage from 1980 up to the present day. 
  • Historical Newspapers Online 
    Historical coverage of five major U.S. newspapers, including the Atlanta Constitution, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. Coverage extends back to the mid-1800s up until more recent times, but does NOT include articles from the most recent 15-20 years, in most cases. 

Other useful newspaper databases with nationwide coverage that you can search by keyword to find full-text articles include.



Below are 20 of the best-known, highest-circulation newspapers in the United States, with links to full-text available through UGA databases and details about microfilm holdings available in the UGA Main Library.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor

Detroit News / Free Press

Houston Chronicle

Los Angeles Times

Minneapolis Star Tribune

New York Daily News

New York Post

New York Times

  • In ProQuest U.S. Newsstream (1980-present)
  • In Factiva (print newspaper content, 1980-present)
  • In Factiva (news feed from, 2012-present)
  • In Gale OneFile (1985-present)
  • New York Times - digitized newspaper with full-page images in downloadable PDF format (2008-recent, latest 3 months not included)
  • New York Times (1851-2017) via ProQuest Historical Newspapers — every issue includes the complete paper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in downloadable PDF format
  • 1857-2009 available in Microfilm, Main Library Basement AN35 .N5 N6

Philadelphia Inquirer

Portland Oregonian

  • In Access World News (1987-present)
  • 1937-1976 available in Microfilm, Main Library Basement AN40 .P6 O7

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Francisco Chronicle

Seattle Times

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

  • In Factiva (1979-present)
  • In ProQuest U.S. Newsstream (1984-present)
  • Wall Street Journal - digitized newspaper with full-page images in downloadable PDF format (2008-recent, latest 3 months not included)
  • Wall Street Journal (1889-2004) via ProQuest Historical Newspapers — every issue includes the complete paper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in downloadable PDF format
  • Wall Street Journal Higher Education Membership - UGA students, faculty, and staff can create an account at for free access to the Wall Street Journal website. Membership provides current UGA affiliates with individual access to as well as WSJ apps, WSJ+, and subscriber-only podcasts and videos. Coverage includes the past four years up to today's content. You must use your UGA email address to register for an account.
  • 1889-2009 available in Microfilm, Main Library Basement HG1 .W187

Washington Post



Nation-wide or multiple states:

Antislavery Newspapers and Periodicals, v. 1-5
AI3 .A570 (Main Reference 1st floor)

Blacks in Selected Newspapers, Censuses and Other Sources : an Index to Names and Subjects
Z1361 .N39 A28 (Main Reference, 1st floor)

The Christian Science Monitor Index (1987-1995)
AI21 .C55 (Main 2nd floor)

Editorials on File
1969-2001: D839 .E3 (Main 4th floor)
2002-2006: D839 .E3 (Main Reference 1st floor)

USA Today Index
1982-1988: AI21 .U17 B44 (Main 2nd floor)
1989-1995: AI21 .U17 B44 (Repository)


Los Angeles Times Index (1972-1995)
AN7 .L6 T512 (Main 2nd floor)

San Francisco Chronicle Index (1980-1995)
AI21 .S25 S26 (Main 2nd floor)

District of Columbia:

The National Observer Index (1969 - 1977)
AI21 .N25 (Main 2nd floor)

United States Daily Annual Index (March 1926-March 1932)
JK1 .U58 Index (Main 6th floor)

Washington Post Index (1988-1995)
AI21 .W33 O55 (Main 2nd floor)

Georgia: See Georgia Newspapers in this guide.


Chicago Tribune Index (1980-1995)
AN16 .C4 T71/T72 (Main 2nd floor)


New Orleans Times-Picayune Index (1972-1995)
AN21 .N5 N51 (Main 2nd floor)


Index to Hagerstown Newspapers (1790-1814)
MFC F186.9 .C520 (Microform, Main Basment)
Indexes the Maryland Herald & Elizabeth-Town Advertiser, Maryland Herald & Weekly Advertiser, Hagers-Town Gazette, and Maryland Herald & Hagers-Town Weekly Advertiser.


Boston Globe Index

1983-1988: AI21 .B63 B44 (Main 2nd floor)
1989-1995: AI21 .B63 B44 (Repository)

Extant collections of early Black newspapers, with an index to the Boston Guardian, 1902-1904
Z6944 .N39 C30 (Repository)

Index to Local News in the Hampshire Gazette, 1786-1937
J83 .U584m (Repository)


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Index

1980-1988: AI21 .S79 B44 (Main 2nd floor)
1989-1995: AI21 .S79 B44 (Repository)

New York:

Antebellum Black Newspapers: Indices to New York Freedom’s Journal (1827-1829), The Rights of All (1829), The Weekly Advocate (1837), and The Colored American (1837-1841)
E185.5 .J33 (Main 4th floor)

New York Daily Tribune Index (1875-1906)
FILM AN35 .N5 H4 Index (Microfilms, Main Basement)

New York Times Index (1851-2007)
AI21 .N532 (Main Reference 1st floor)

Personal Name Index to the New York Times (1851-1996)
AI21 .N5320 (Main Reference 1st floor)

Wall Street Journal Index (1958-1997)
HG1 .W1872 (Repository)

North Carolina:

An Index to North Carolina Newspapers, 1784-1789
F253 .W46 1992 (Main 4th floor)
Indexes the North Carolina Gazette, State Gazette of North Carolina, New-Bern Advertiser, Edenton Intelligencer, Fayetteville Gazette, and Wilmington Sentinel and General Intelligencer.


Houston Post Index (1980-82, 1984-April 1995)
AI21 .H68 B44 (Main 2nd floor)


Burlington Free Press/Rutland Herald Index (1984-present)

Index to the Burlington Free Press in the Billings Library, University of Vermont (1853-1870)
J83 .U584v (Repository)


Virginia Gazette Index, 1736-1780
AI21 .V8 (Main 2nd floor)



A Guide to Newspaper Indexes in New England
Z6293 .N38 1978 (Main 2nd floor)

Lathrop Report on Newspaper Indexes
Folio Z6293 .L37 (Main 2nd floor)

Local Indexes in American Libraries: A Union List of Unpublished Indexes
Z6293 .A512l (Main 2nd floor)

Newspaper Indexes: a Location and Subject Guide for Researchers
Z6951 .M635 (Main Reference 1st floor)

African-American Newspapers on Microfilm at the University of Georgia Libraries
PN4882.5 .A57 2006 (Main Reference 1st floor and Hargrett, Georgia Room)

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Search Tip

Not finding the article you want? Search tip — if you saw an article on a newspaper website, the headline (title) of the article might be different in a newspaper database from the headline displayed on the newspaper's website. If searching by headline does not find any matches, try searching for some keywords that describe the content of the article.

For additional help, please see the Research Help and Tips page or contact Eric Griffith at

Newspapers on Microfilm

A large collection of newspapers on microfilm format is located in the basement of the UGA Main Library. Before digital storage became easy and cheap, microfilm was a format that libraries could use to maintain large collections of newspapers and other documents while saving physical storage space. Rolls of microfilm contain thousands of tiny images of the original documents. You need to use a microfilm reader to view newspapers on microfilm. A microfilm reader is a machine that allows you to view an image from microfilm at a normal size on a screen, and you can also print and save images of pages. Microfilm readers are available in the basement of the UGA Main Library.