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Newspapers at the UGA Libraries: International Newspapers

A guide to finding newspapers online and on microfilm at the UGA Libraries, including historical and international newspapers.

International Newspapers


To find an international newspaper by title, see the How To... page in this guide.



If you would like to search for international news articles, the UGA Libraries subscribe to several databases that will enable you to focus your search on international newspapers around the world, or even on newspapers from specific regions of the world:

Other useful large newspaper databases with international coverage that you can search by keyword to find full-text articles include:



Below are some international newspapers for which the UGA Libraries have especially large historical collections available on microfilm in the basement of the Main Library, as well as online full-text access to more recent years, making them valuable resources for any sort of historical research.

The Times (London, England)

The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland)

Le Monde (Paris, France)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt, Germany)

Wiener Zeitung (Vienna, Austria)

  • In Access World News (1997-2020)
  • In Factiva (2020-present)
  • 1945-2003 available in Microfilm, Main Library Basement AN71.A9 V5 W53

The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada)

The National Post / Financial Post (Toronto, Canada)

El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile)



International Newspaper Indexes (& Digests):

African Recorder/African Chronicle (1962-2008)
DT1 .A2281 (Main 4th floor)


Asian Recorder (Digest, 1955-1998)
DS1 .A4747 (Main 4th floor)

Research Guide to People's Daily Editorials, 1949-1975 (China)
AI21 .J45 suppl. (Repository)

Indian Press Digests (1952-1955)
DS401 .I445 (Repository)

Pakistan Press Index (1966-1969)
Z6958 .P3 P3 (Main 2nd floor)

Europe: France

Le Monde Index (1989-2001)
AI21 .M6 (Main Reference, 1st floor, Folio section)

Le Monde Index Analytique (1944-1945; 1950-1951; 1958-1968)
AI21 .M58 (Main Reference, 1st floor)

The website has a searchable index 1944-

Europe: Great Britain

Annual index to the Financial Times (1984-1995)
HG11 .A563 (Repository)

The Guardian Index (1986-1995)
AI21 .G82 (Main 2nd floor)

Index to The Times (1785-present)
1868-  AI21 .T583 (Main Reference, 1st floor) - Palmer's index
1785-1786: AI21 .T570 (Main Reference, 1st floor)
1960-present: AN66 .L8 T5 Index (Main Reference, 1st floor)
See also online indexes for 1790-1905 (includes full text for 1800-1870) and 1906-1980.

The Observer Index (1994-1996)
AI21 .O26 O26 (Main 2nd floor)

Europe: Italy

La Stampa (1934-1945)
AI21 .S8 S73 1992 (Main, 2nd floor)

Europe: Russia/USSR/CIS

Current Digest of the Soviet [Post-Soviet] Press (1966-2006)
D839 .C87 (Main 4th floor)
Index available for 1976-1992,1998-2005: D839 .C872 (Main 4th floor)

Gazeta "Sanktpeterburgskie vedomosti"
1728-1731: AI21 .S273 F85 1987 (Main, 2nd floor)

1732-1735: AI21 .S273 F852 1989 (Main, 2nd floor)
1736-1740: AI21 .S273 F853 1990 (Main, 2nd floor)
1741-1745: AI21 .S273 F854 1991 (Main, 2nd floor)

1751-1755: AI21 .S273 G39 1992 (Main, 2nd floor)
1756-1760: AI21 .S273 G39 1993 (Main, 2nd floor)
1774: AI21 .S273 F86 1987 (Main, 2nd floor)

Letopis Gazetnykh Statei (Digest, 1971-1998)
AI15 .L35 (Repository)

Pravda Index
1975-1977: AI21 .P73 P7 (Main 2nd floor)
1986-1987: AI21 .P73 P73 (Main 2nd floor)
See also Weekly Index to Pravda and Izvestia in Current Digest of the Soviet Press (above).

North America: Canada

Canadian Business Index (1987-1992)
HF5001 .C36 (Main 5th floor)
Indexes business-related articles from the Globe and Mail.

Bibliographies of Indexes:

Checklist of indexes to Canadian newspapers
Z69.54 .C2 B87 1987 (Main 2nd floor)

Lathrop report on newspaper indexes (covers US & Canada)
Z6293 .L37 (Main 2nd floor, Folio section)

Newspaper indexes : a location and subject guide for researchers
Z6951 .M635 (Main Reference, 1st floor)

Your Librarian

Search Tip

Not finding the article you want? Search tip — if you saw an article on a newspaper website, the headline (title) of the article might be different in a newspaper database from the headline displayed on the newspaper's website. If searching by headline does not find any matches, try searching for some keywords that describe the content of the article.

For additional help, please see the Research Help and Tips page or contact Eric Griffith at

Newspapers on Microfilm

A large collection of newspapers on microfilm format is located in the basement of the UGA Main Library. Before digital storage became easy and cheap, microfilm was a format that libraries could use to maintain large collections of newspapers and other documents while saving physical storage space. Rolls of microfilm contain thousands of tiny images of the original documents. You need to use a microfilm reader to view newspapers on microfilm. A microfilm reader is a machine that allows you to view an image from microfilm at a normal size on a screen, and you can also print and save images of pages. Microfilm readers are available in the basement of the UGA Main Library.