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PHIL 3230: Ethics of Food (Melissa Seymour Fahmy): Getting Started


Welcome to the UGA Libraries' research guide for Dr. Fahmy's "Ethics of Food" course (PHIL 3230).  This guide provides an overview of resources for the study of food ethics, including food choices, food policy, and food justice.  Please contact Emily Luken with any comments, suggestions, or requests to add resources to the guide.

Orange Grove, Riverside, Calif.
c.1905 (Detroit Publishing Postcard Co.)

Trinity College Watkinson Library

ARTstor Digital Library (source for images in this guide)

Related Guides

Background & Reference

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 
(Stanford University open access encyclopedia) Ever-expanding collection of articles by leading scholars featuring detailed explanations of philosophical issues along with exhaustive bibliography.  Entries are maintained and kept up-to-date by an expert or group of experts in the field.  See entries on the Moral Status of Animals and Environmental Ethics or search by keyword.

Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics 
(E-book, Springer Reference, 2014.Online reference covering issues pertaining to food and agricultural ethics, including detailed analyses of specific topics such as the role of antibiotics in animal production, the Green Revolution, and alternative methods of organic farming, with longer entries that summarize general areas of scholarship and explore ways that they are related.

Routledge Handbook of Food Ethics
(Print Book, Science Library 3rd Floor, Call Number TX357 .R68 2017) Reference source to the key topics, problems, and debates in food ethics. Divided into 7 parts that explore the phenomenology of food; gender and food; food and cultural diversity; liberty, choice, and food policy; food and the environment; farming and eating other animals; and food justice.

Agricultural and Food Controversies: What Everyone Needs to Know
(Print Book, Main Library 6th Floor Call, Number BJ52.5 .N67 2015) Providing a combination of research and popular opinion, this book confronts the most controversial issues in agriculture by first explaining the principles of each side of the debate, guiding readers through the scientific literature so that they can form their own educated opinions. 

The Philosophy of Food Project 
(Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas). Aims to disseminate information about the philosophical investigation of food.  Be sure to check the  bibliography organized by topic and links to government and non-governmental organizations, academic organizations and journals, and blogs and websites.  

Food Environment Atlas
(USDA Website) Assembles statistics on three broad categories of food environment factors: Food choices, Health and Well-Being Indicators, and Community Characteristics. Objectives of the Atlas are to assemble statistics on food environment indicators to stimulate research on the determinants of food choices and diet quality, and to provide a spatial overview of a community's ability to access healthy food and its success in doing so.

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