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PSYC 3980: Research Design

Guide supporting PSYC 3980 classes, but may be useful for any psychology or interdisciplinary research.

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The American Psychological Association's PsycINFO is the major index for articles, books, chapters, dissertations, and reports in psychology. There are several database publishers with different versions of PsycINFO. Here at UGA we use the EBSCOHost verion which will look like other EBSCO databases: Academic Search Complete, Multiseach, ERIC.

PsycINFO can create very specific searches in the Advanced Search screen. Compare the long list of searchable fields in PsycINFO (left) with the much smaller number available in Multisearch.


Some fields can be used as limiters that appear below your Search screen.

Sample of PsycINFO Limiters in Advanced Search

Commonly used field limiters include:

Population -- human, animal, male, female

Age -- ex: childhood (birth-12 yrs), school age (6-12 yrs), adolescence (13-17 yrs)

Methodology -- chart of all methodology types here -- ex: Empirical Study, Literature Review 


Using limits