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PSYC 3980: Research Design

What's where?

Psychology is an interdisciplinary field and students may find materials in a number of locations. UGA books are shelved using the Library of Congress (LC) system instead of the Dewey system. Call numbers have a letter code that roughly describes the topic, and then more precise number codes. Useful books can be where you least expect.

MAP OF UGA LIBRARIES -- Athens map is page 1 and campus map is page 2

MAIN LIBRARY -- North Campus, near the Jackson Street bus stop

  • Most psychology books will be on the 6th floor and have the BF call number.
  • Educational psychology topics may be on the 2nd floor and have a LB call number, usually they will be LB1050.9-1091
  • Gender and social welfare related topics may have the HQ or HV call number. Social psychology may be HM. These books are on the 5th floor.

SCIENCE LIBRARY - South campus, next to the Boyd Center and near the Soule Hall bus stop on Sanford Drive

  • Most neuroscience, cognition and psychiatry are in RC on the Science Library 6th floor.
  • You will also find books on animal research, animal behavior and animal cognition in the Science Library at various locations.


  • Not every book can be kept on library shelves. Some items are kept at an off-site facility. While you cannot go there and browse, you can make a Repository Request so any book you find in the online catalog (GIL-Find) can be sent to another Library location.