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Germanic Studies: E-K

A guide to finding books and articles in Germanic studies, and to using the UGA Libraries.

What is Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch?

Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft (commonly referred to as Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch, for the founder and early editor of the publication) is a very important source.

It indexes books and articles across the fields of Germanic language and literature.

Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft Online is accessible through GALILEO@UGA and covers items published from 1985 onwards. 

Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch can also be found in print, in the Main Library, on the 2nd floor at Z2231 .B58. We have the print volumes from 1969-2012. See below for how to use the print index. 

How to Use Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch in Print

1. Search in the Sachregister at the back of the volume. It includes both names and topics in one index.

e.g. To find all items about Kafka, go to the Sachregister and look for "Kafka". Each number given is the number for a different item, not a page number. The item may be a book, a chapter in a book, or an article in a journal.

You will see numbers for individual entries, and for a string of entries, as highlighted here. After the entries for Kafka, you'll see entries for books by Kafka and topics relating to Kafka, e.g. Kafka, Franz / Der Prozess.

2. Let's say we want item 10370. Look up the number in the main part of the volume. 

This item is published in another item. This is how it indicates that 10370 is a chapter in a book. It is telling us that the book in which this chapter is published is item number 10424. So now we need to look at the entry 10424.



3. Here is the entry for 10424. It is a book titled Franz Kafka - Visionar der Moderne by Marie Haller-Nevermann.



4. Go to the GIL Classic library catalog. Do a Title or Author search for the publication.

We do own the book. It is shelved on the 3rd floor of the Main Library at the call number PT2621 .A26 Z719915 2008.


5. Let's look at an entry for a journal article. Item 10406 is an article titled Like a dog, like a lamb, written by Chris Danta. It was published in 2008 in the journal New Literary History, in volume (Band) 38, issue number 4, pages 721-737.



6. Go to the GIL Classic library catalog. Do a Journal Title search for New Literary History. GIL will tell you if we own it and what years we own:

7. Check we own the volume you need. In this case, you need Volume 38, which we do have. It is shelved on the 3rd floor at the call number PN441.N4. Go to that call number, pull off Volume 38 and look at page 721 for your article.

Note: In this case, the index gave us the full name of the journal (New Literary History). That is not always the case. Sometimes it just gives you an abbreviation of the journal title. When that happens, look at the Verzeichnis der berucksichtigten Zeitschriften at the front of the volume, for a list of all the journals, including abbreviations:

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