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EndNote for Mac

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers

Getting a New Version of Word

  • UGA students and staff can download and install Microsoft Office 365 for free on up to five devices. Click here for instructions. Once you install Word, please make sure that you run updates.
  • Word Online is not compatible with EndNote. There is no EndNote toolbar.

Names and Abbreviations

CWYW - Cite While You Write

Customizer fixes: Missing toolbar and more

If ite While You Write (CWYW) is not installed, or the EndNote Toolbar is missing from Word, first try going to the Customizer to fix it.

EndNote 20 > Customizer

The Customizer allows you to select elements to install. To use this solution, check the install box for Cite While You Write, and then click the blue next button. Continue to click next at the prompts until the process is completed.


There is also an uninstall button on the lower part of the Customizer window, under the Component column. You can use this to uninstall Windows.

M1 Chip Issues for Word

If you get this error it may be a result of Word not being able to run the Apple M1 as an Intel chip or it may be a true CWYW bundle issue. If you have an M1 Mac, try this first.

Add in error message for Word 16











  1. Close all Microsoft programs
  2. Open Endnote --> Preferences --> Check for updates and make sure EndNote X9.3.3 or EndNote 20 is installed
  3. Open Finder --> Right click Microsoft Word --> Get info
  4. Make sure "Open with Rosetta" is checked

Get info - open with Rosetta

If this does not resolve the issue, it may be a true bundle file problem. See the Template and Add-in problems section under Common Issues with Word.

Common Issues with Word and EndNote

Template and Add-in problems

Check "Template and Add-ins" when

  • you have multiple citation managers on a Mac
  • your Normal.dotm file is corrupted
  • you need to see if CWYW is unchecked or missing

Multiple Citation Managers

If you have another citation management programs installed on your computer, you will have to disable it in Word before Word will work with EndNote.

Word Tools menu with Templates and add ins selected.    Word Templates and add-ins options

Uncheck the other citation management ".dotm" then click ok.




Bundle file issue

Bundles file issues typically are present when you have an error message, or there is no toolbar in Word. Please try using the Customizer solution FIRST, as it is easier than this solution.

1. Close Word and EndNote.

2. Open your hard drive and go to the following folder:

For EndNote X9: Applications: EndNote X9: Cite While You Write

For EndNote 20: Applications: EndNote 20: Cite While You Write                                             

3. Copy the file "EndNote CWYW Word 16.bundle" by highlighting the file and going to "Edit > Copy." NOTE: If you do not see the "EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle" file in the "Applications: EndNote X8/X9/20: Cite While You Write" folder (or if this file is not the most up to date version), you can follow these steps: 

A. Download a copy of the latest EndNote online tools here.

B. Run this file and follow the steps to install the tools in Word.

C. Skip step 3.

4. Go to the folder "[Hard Drive Name] : Library : Application Support : Microsoft : Office365 : User Content : Startup : Word" and paste the file, "Edit > Paste."

Note: If you have trouble finding the above location you need to click on Finder (in the Dock the icon of a face) to the right of Finder click on the Go menu then click on Computer then click on the Macintosh Hard Drive. You should then be able to follow the path above.

Note: In non-English versions of Word, the folder named "Startup" may be called "Start" or be in the localized language of Word.

5. Start Word, go to "Word > Preferences" and click on "File Locations."

6. If the Startup folder is set to any location, highlight "Startup" and click on "Reset."

7. Click "OK" and Quit Word.

8. Start EndNote and then start Word.

Formatting Issues

In-text citations show curly bracket

Check to see if the Instant Formatting option has been turned off