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EndNote for Mac

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers

Save as Package

When you create your EndNote library, one option is to make a Package Library.

What is it? Each EndNote library is made up of a filename.ENL file and an associated .DATA folder. If you want to back up, move or share a library, you must remember to copy both files. To make this easy, Macs allow packaging the files in a folder that looks like a single file.

Save as Package check box

To create an EndNote Library Package:
1. From the File menu, select either New to create a new library or Save a Copy to create a copy of the currently open library.
2. Name the file and choose where to save it.
3. Select the Save as Package option.
4. Click Save and EndNote creates a packaged version of the library.

Videos and Links

This video shows:

  • downloading the EndNote 20 program (EndNote 21 vid coming soon)
  • setting up Sync preferences
  • bringing down an existing EndNote library from the EndNote Online cloud.

EndNote 21 Videos below.

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