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EndNote for Mac

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers

Recent Compatibility Warnings

Mac OS Big Sur

When you download EndNote 20, you'll need to immediately run "Check for updates" from the EndNote 20 menu and update to 20.1. Once you update, you should not have any issues with Big Sur.

Mac OS Catalina

If you have the Catalina operating system, you MUST use EndNote version X9.3 or higher. Catalina is a 64-bit system, and all older versions of EndNote are 32-bit.

Mac OS prior to Catalina

  • The best option would be to update your OS to at least Catalina. If you cannot due to technical limitations, or the age of the computer, you may have to use an EndNote version prior to X9.3. Contact Sandra Riggs,, to obtain an older EndNote version.

M1 Chip Macs

The new M1 chips are by Apple, not AMD Intel. Some third-party programs automatically run the chip as Intel, others require a setting change. Rosetta is what usually allows the chip to run. This will likely not cause a problem with downloading or using EndNote, but it may cause a problem using EndNote with Word. Please see the Word for Mac section for instructions and screenshots for enabling Rosetta.

Before you download EndNote

1) Check for compatibility. New system problems or updates are listed in the box above.

2) Quit your word processing program AND the whole Office suite. In other words, quit Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Closing the window (clicking the red button) is not enough. Make sure you File>Quit.

3) Download the Firefox web browser. UGA Libraries still recommends that you use Firefox as your EndNote export browser instead of Safari. Most users having issues exporting database references use Safari. You can certainly have several browsers, and use something else for personal browsing or other projects.

The first time you send database references to EndNote, designate the program to open files.

  • Firefox does not have to be your default browser.
  • You do not need to remove other browsers.