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EndNote for Mac

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers

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10/26/2022: Mac OS Ventura has come out. You are likely prompted to update. Please note that there may be unknown compatibility issues with EndNote. We strongly recommend waiting to update, especially if you are in the middle of an important project.

We will keep you informed on issues. Please keep an eye on this space.



EndNote 20.4 is available from the UGA Libraries download page.


There is a bug in EndNote 20.3 that can cause some users problems with add-ins (ex: EndNote Click, LibKey Nomad) and PDF use in general.

Compatibility Notes or Warnings

  • Both Big Sur and Monterey (the newest OS) seem to be working well with EndNote 20x.
  • Need to open a old EndNote library (9x.2 or earlier)? Check the Troubleshooting tab for Conversion information.

Mac OS Monterey, Mac OS Big Sur, Mac OS Catalina

  • All can run EndNote 20, which is the most recent EndNote version. When you download EndNote 20, you'll be prompted to download an updater for EndNote 20.1 and 20.2. If you are not prompted, select "Check for updates" from the EndNote 20 menu and update to the highest number (20.x) update you can.

Mac OS prior to Catalina

  • If you are running Mojave or earlier, the system will run 32-bit software, but not 64-bit. The best option would be to update your OS to at least Catalina.
  • If you cannot update to Catalina due to age or limitations of your computer, you may need an earlier EndNote version,  X9.2. We no longer keep the X9.2 version on the Libraries download page. Contact Sandra Riggs,, to obtain X9.2.
  • If your computer is having difficulties with EndNote due to storage space, speed, or age, you may want to consider using a web-based citation manager, such as RefWorks. Contact your librarian to discuss options.


  • When downloading Endnote, quit your word processing program AND the whole Office suite. In other words, quit Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Closing the window (clicking the red button) is not enough. Make sure you File ->Quit.
    • It's good Mac hygiene to fully quit applications when not in use anyway!
  •  Download the Firefox web browser. The UGA EndNote Coordinator still recommends that you use Firefox as your EndNote export browser instead of Safari. Most users having issues exporting database references use Safari. Chrome is also a good option. See the Troubleshooting section.
  • Restart your Mac every few weeks to clear out the memory used to keep your place when you sleep your Mac -- i.e., close the Mac rather than shut down.