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ERSH 6200: Methods of Research in Education (Englehard): Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Qualitative and Quantative. What's the Difference?

The Oxford English Dictionary provides this definition of Qualitative: Of or relating to quality or qualities; measuring, or measured by, the quality of something. Use this search to find book in GIL-FIND. This search looks at titles owned by UGA. To see all in the University System of Georgia, switch your search to University System of Georgia by clicking on the down arrow.

Use the appropriate search below to see the list of titles for these two types of research.

on the down arrow.

Quantitative, on the other hand, is "Possessing physical quantity or spatial extension", or "That is, or may be, measured or assessed with respect to or on the basis of quantity; that may be expressed in terms of quantity; quantifiable." (Oxford English Dictionary, online)  UGA also has a list of books for this kind of research: