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Citation Management

Need help learning EndNote and RefWorks? Not sure what Citation Management is? You've come to the right place.

Choose Your Citation Manager

The UGA Student Technology Fee, through the UGA Libraries, funds the licenses for two citation managers: EndNote, and RefWorks. EndNote and RefWorks are available to all faculty, staff and students at UGA. You must be able to authenticate via the UGA Single Sign On page for access. Exclusions may affect certain patron classes. Please use the Get Help form if you believe you should have access.

What does a citation manager do?

  • Stores all your research in one place so it's easy to find, organize, and use.
  • Helps you to easily access, and reorganize sources, whether found days or months ago.
  • Saves you time formatting your articles or papers.
  • Lets you share bibliographies or even full text with collaborators.

We especially recommend citation managers for graduate students, and those formatting articles for publication.

Which one is best for me?


  • Is a downloaded application (client), but has an online version for back up and work away from personal computer
  • Good for those who primarily work with only their own computer
  • Good if you like most of your applications to be on your own computer
  • Many people feel EndNote has a higher learning curve
  • Has been around since the 90s, so has a wider user base
  • Some instructors prefer or request it for their classes


  • Is primarily cloud-based, and works best with internet access, but it has an option for offline work
  • Good for those who share references with people who do not have the same citation manager
  • Helpful If you like most of your applications to be in the cloud
  • Good if you don't like to keep up with updating, or installing new versions when they come up.
  • Suggested for undergraduates
  • May be a better option you have an older computer