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EndNote for Macs

Guide to using EndNote on Mac computers

Get Technical Support

Call Clarivate, the publisher of EndNote, at 1-800-336-4474, and listen for "EndNote Technical Support" in the phone menu.

Hours: 9AM to 8PM EDT (GMT - 5:00) Monday thru Friday

Known Issues - Shared Libraries

If the new "Share" feature is not working, sync your library.

  • Share depends on sync services to work, so this means that you cannot create a different, un-synced, library version to share.
  • If you only want to share part of a library, you will need to create a Group for what you want to share.

Common Problems

Exporting Citations from a database to EndNote:

  • You may get an error message that the file can't be opened
  • You may be asked to use a filter for a common database that should not require it, or has not required a filter when you have used it in the past -- i.e, most EBSCO or ProQuest databases should not require a filter.
  • Your citation may open as a Text File  (below)

Text File error

You should be able to fix all these problems by adjusting your Firefox Preferences.

Remember: Firefox is the only browser that UGA Librarians recommend for use with EndNote for Mac.

Firefox preferences

Select Firefox Preferences (picture at left)
You'll see a several icons (picture below).

Click Applications, and you'll see a list of item in the "Content Type" column.
Look for files that are used for EndNote Citations. The most common are:

- x-research-info-systems (EBSCO)
- enw (Google Scholar and many others)
- ciw

You will need to set the Action for each of these files to "Use EndNote X7" or "Use EndNote X8" depending on your version.


Firefox Applications


Do you have a specific numbered error message?

These are errors that Technical Support can track easily, or that you may be able to find with a search of the Support Knowledge Base. For example, a "1712 error" message is a specific problem with the earlier X6 and Mountain Lion. If you have a numbered error message, write it down or take a screen shot for confirmation before seeking assistance.

Other issues?

Use the EndNote "Customizer." It is located under the EndNote menu (picture left).

You can use It to attempt to make repairs, and to uninstall the program. Should you have Cite While You Write issues, you can make sure that the component is installed.

Make sure that your EndNote Customizer looks like the picture below.

Click next and type in the password for your Mac if prompted.

Click next if prompted, until you get a changes complete screen.

Click done.


Word Troubleshooting

Check the "Word for Mac" tab for Word issues that come up for EndNote users.