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EndNote for Macs: Get Ready

OS Warning

A new OS update called Sierra will be available for download starting Wednesday, September 21. EndNote for Mac users should wait until there is a patch for EndNote to download and install Sierra.

Updating to OS Sierra may cause a loss of functionality in your EndNote program.

Before you download EndNote

Follow these steps

1) Check for compatibility - Click here to see what EndNote version works with your Mac operating system. You may also want to check for compatibility with your word processing program.

2) Quit your word processing program. That includes the whole connected suite, if it is Windows office. Close Outlook, Excel, etc. Closing the window (the red button) is not enough. Make sure you File>Quit.

3) Download the Firefox web browser. Chrome and Safari have trouble exporting database results to your EndNote program.

Remember: The first time you send database references to EndNote, you must designate the program to open the reference files in Firefox . Follow the directions in the video at right.

  • Firefox does not have to be your default browser.
  • You do not need to remove other browsers.



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