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EndNote for Macs

Most Common Issue with Word and EndNote

Are you missing the EndNote Toolbar? You should see the floating toolbar below. The EndNote X8 version looks about the same, but has a round blue logo.

X7 Toolbar

If it is not in your document window, check to see if it is in your list of available toolbars. The location can vary according to the version of Word, but is typically in the View menu. Make sure the EndNote X7 or Endnote X8 selection is checked.

View menu

If there is NOT an EndNote option in your toolbars list, the next thing to do is to try fixing it using the Customizer. Find instructions for using the Customizer on the Troubleshooting tab of this guide, near the bottom.

If the Customizer could not fix it, or if you don't have an EndNote version X7.5 or later, you may need to get assistance from Technical Support, or from an EndNote trainer. There are several possible reasons for the toolbar not displaying -- from simple changes needed in Word Preferences, to more complex issues. Getting assistance allows you to work through all the possibilities. 



Word 2011 with Sierra & EndNote

After updating to Sierra and installing Endnote, you may find that Word 2011 gets caught in an "update Java" notification loop – Word won’t work unless you update Java, but it doesn’t seem to let you get away from the notification screen.

It is actually not necessary to get the screen notification to close, so simply quit Word and download Java. You may even get a notification screen with a button to go to the Java site. You can follow the link even with the screen refusing to close and giving you a sound alert.

Remember, a full quit is not the same as closing a window. If you have trouble quitting, try this:

  • Right-click the dock icon and select “Quit.”
  • If Word will not quit, you can go to the Apple symbol menu and select “Force Quit” and then select Word.

Download “Legacy Java SE 6.” Once this is updated, you shouldn’t have any Word issues, and the EndNote toolbar should appear

Word Compatibility with OS X versions

Most Mac communites seem to indicate that Word 2008 is the oldest version of Word that works safely with Yosemite.

Getting a New Version of Word

Many people like to get a new version of Word after they get EndNote. Here are several options for getting access to Word, and warnings about what will or will not work with EndNote.

  • UGA students can download and install Microsoft Office 365 for free on up to five devices with Windows or Apple operating systems through the Student Advantage program. Once you install this Word, please make sure that you run updates. Running updates will often take care of EndNote incompatibility issues with Word. This is not the case for operating systems, so check with a trainer if you have questions.
  • Faculty and staff can use Office Online through their Outlook web account. However, Online Word is not compatible with EndNote. There is no EndNote toolbar. Online Word can be useful for times then you are away from your client system, but you would have to eventually save the Online Word version as a Word file on a computer with access to both a client Word and EndNote to use EndNote. You would convert the Online Word version to a compatible version, and then add citations after that has been done.