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Election 2022: Home

Run Off Election Information

December 6th is Election Day for the Runoff Election for US Senate between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.  

State and Local News Coverage

Remember that newspapers will often report on news stories, and then have separate endorsement pieces from the editorial board in the opinion section.  When doing research try to get information from a variety of sources to ensure comprehensive coverage.

National News Sources

  • Access World News:  Regional, national, and international news coverage.
  • Factiva:  Factiva's News Pages offers a list of the current headlines from the most popular newspapers.  It is the easiest way to browse multiple newspapers at once without hitting a payall.  Click on "Home" at the top of the Factiva Page to view its virtual newsstand.
  • Duck Duck Go:  Google weights the news articles it shows you based on your previous search history and which websites you visit the most.  This can lead to bias in the types of news sources you read.  Duck Duck Go is a Google-like search engine that anonymizes you so that you get unweighted results when you search.
  • UGA Student Access to the Wall Street Journal
  • Access to New York Times via Athens Regional Library System


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