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A guide on how to find engineering design standards for your capstone projects and information on preparing for the FE exam.

Standards Availability

The resources below will help you identify engineering standards. Most standards must be purchased, but some are available at UGA or through InterLibrary Loan. Contact​ about gaining access to a specific standard.


Standards are guidelines or rules for products, processes, test methods, or materials. These are created to produce a level of uniformity, interchangeability, reliability, or means of comparison.

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Getting Started

If you cannot find the full-text of a standard using the links on this guide, there are several steps to do to determine if UGA has a print copy. Information on how to get access to standards UGA does not own is also included.

  1. Make sure you have the full title of the standard.
  2. Search the library's "Multi-Search" by the title.
  3. Search "Multi-Search" by name of sponsoring agency (i.e. International Standards Organization) or standard (ISO 9001:2008). These might not find the specific standard but allow you to browse similar ones.
    • If UGA doesn't own it, you might be able to request the standard from another library through InterLibrary Loan using WorldCat
  4. If you cannot locate a standard, contact me or another librarian.


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