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ARED 8990: Research Seminar in Art Education (Sanders-Bustle): Getting Help

Getting the Help You Need. When You Need It.


We don't like people sitting around, getting mad because they can't find what they need. Really, we don't. We have lots ways for you to get help:

Students With Disabilities If you need help with parking or getting the materials you need or anything else, we can assist you. Click the link for more information.

Graduate Students We made you your own page. Get info on research & teaching help.

Distance Learners have their own page, too!

Ask us anything, (nearly) anytime! 

Make an appointment for research help. If you've been working for more than 40 minutes and can't get what you need, ASK FOR HELP! In-house help is available with Lindsey Reynolds, Art Librarian, anytime in the Art Library. Please email her to set up an appointment or stop by 9-5 Monday through Friday. You can also ask Carla Buss for help. We're not shy.

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