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Guide to Women's Oral Histories at the Russell Library: Music


These collections, Music Teachers' Stories and the Athens Music Project, highlight the stories of female musicians and teachers. The Music Teachers' Stories include women from different schools discussing their experiences, and the Athens Music Project documents the diversity and depth of the Athens music community. Some of these oral histories can only be found at the Richard B. Russell Library and have been noted as such. 

Lynda Stipe discussing her role in the Athens music scene

Music Teachers Stories Oral History Collection

The Music Teachers' Stories Collection include personal perspectives of music teaches who represent a wide scope of experiences in various elementary, middle, and high school settings.

These oral histories are part of a larger collection, which can be found here

Carola McDowell: available at the Library
Amy Fenton: available at the Library
Julie Scott: available at the Library
Karen Stafford: available at the Library
Hayley Gallagher: available at the Library
Amy Clement: available at the Library
Sarah Black: available at the Library

Athens Music Project

The Athens Music Project Oral History Collection is part of the Athens Music Project, a Wilson Center for Humanities and Arts research cluster co-directed by Jean Kidula and Susan Thomas. Interviews in this collection document the development of Athens as a breeding ground for multiple musical communities- the most prominent of them being the Southern independent rock scene.

These oral histories are part of a larger collection, which can be found here

Dr. Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje

Shannon Primm

Jill Helme

Melissa Link

Alicia Nickles

Mary Hutcherson

Jill Carnes

Annelies Mondi

Lauren Fancher

Vanessa Briscoe Hay

Dana Downs

Lynda Stipe

April Chapman

Kelly Noonan

Deonna Mann

Pat Shields

Kathy Kirbo

Mamie Fike

Cindy Wilson

Cynthia Schmidt

Robin Edwards

Julie House

Claire Horne

Jennifer Hartley