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Guide to Women's Oral Histories at the Russell Library: Politics


These oral histories are made up of three collections: the Griffin African-American Oral History Project; the Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project; and the Reflection of Georgia Politics Collections. Each is comprised of women's reflections on the state of Georgia's history. 

Betty Sanders, 1964

Griffin African American Oral History Project

The Griffin African American History Project intends to document the experiences of people who lived in Fairmont Community in Griffin, Georgia during the civil rights era and through its transformation to the present day.

These oral histories are part of a larger collection, which can be found here

Jean Reid

Jewel Walker-Harps

Joanne Finaze

Gail Reid Hackbart

Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project

The Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project documents how the Georgia Republican Party grew from a small grassroots party during an era of Democratic dominance into the state’s premiere political organization and governing party over the course of the late-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Interview participants represent current and former Republican and Democratic political figures who were active contributors or commenters on this transformation between 1952-2016, with a primary focus on the years post-1974.The collection documents the personal experiences and insights of the candidates, officeholders, activists, organizers, strategists, and analysts who participated in those key campaigns, intraparty conflicts, policy debates, and legislative battles. It also documents the accounts of the journalists and scholars who have chronicled these activities and achievements.

These oral histories are part of a larger collection, which can be found here

Jane Kidd

Joyce Carter Stevens

Lorie J. Smith 

Teresa Tomlinson

Molly Dye Franklin

Dorothy Padgett 

Robin Morris 

Nse Ufot

Stacey Evans

Reflections of Georgia Politics Oral History Project

The Reflections of Georgia Politics Collection began in the fall of 2006 at Young Harris College, as a lecture and discussion program hosted by Georgia political veteran Bob Short. In late 2007, the Richard B. Russell Library began producing the program as an oral history video series to further illuminate and personalize the tectonic shifts that occurred in Georgia politics in the late twentieth century.

These oral histories are part of a larger collection, which can be found here

Stacey Abrams

Betty Vandiver

Cathy Cox 

Nancy Schaefer

Betty Sanders

Helen Lewis

Shirley Miller

Cynthia Wright 

Cathey Steinberg

Carol Jackson

Kathy Ashe

Mary Beazley

Nan Orrock

Karen Handel

Eva Galambos

Marti Fullerton

Sadie Fields

Margaret Holliman 

Louise McBee

Mary Anne Summers

Marie Barnes

Stephanie Benfield

Mary Margaret Oliver

Jane Kidd