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Intro to Review Literature

This is an introduction to narrative and systematic review literature. This explains some basics: review types, database selection, search methods, Boolean strategy, and citation management,. It also describe managing workflow.

Books, Grey Literature


  • Look for books owned by UGA in GIL-Find, our online catalog. You can search for subjects, so it's a good way to discover titles.
  • Look for books owned by other libraries in WorldCat. WorldCat is best for confirming known items to request interlibrary loan.
  • To discover books, you might want to try searching for book reviews in subject databases and Multisearch.
  • UGA's Ebook titles should be included in the GIL-Find catalog.
  • You can can also search for Ebooks directly from their vendor databases. Get more information from a LibGuide on Ebooks.

Grey Literature

  • Consists of documents that are not formally published through typical scholarly channels.
  • Sources include produced by government agencies, universities, corporations, research centers, associations and societies, and professional organizations.
  • Get more information from a LibGuide on Grey Literature by Elizabeth White.


For further reading

Search Alerts

A search alert is like saving a search, except that you give an additional command for how the search is to be re-run. The alert notifies you when the search has been re-run, and delivers only the new results.

Elizabeth While has created a guide to creating search alerts in several databases. See it here.