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Religion: Islam

This guide provides a list of major library resources for the study of religion.

Databases & E-resources

Sacred Texts & Primary Sources

Call Number Range: BP 100 - 157: Sacred books (Qur’an (Koran), Hadith, Sunna, Koranic legends)

Below is a small selection of online and print texts.



GILFind ( - Search our local catalog for books, DVD's, etcetera. Use Library of Congress Subject Headings to help you discover books and expand your search, for example:

  • Islam 
  • Muslims. 
  • Qurʼan
  • Shi'ah. 
  • Sunnites
  • Sufism. 
  • Islam and politics. 
  • etcetera, etcetera

Note on Transliteration / Romanization 
The UGA Libraries use American Library Association and Library of Congress (ALA-LC) approved Romanization tables for the transliteration of records for Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, and Urdu into Roman script. To conduct successful searches in the Libraries' online catalog, it is important that search terms are entered in the correct fomat. To familiarize yourself with the Romanization system, check the PDFs of the current ALA-LC approved Romanization Tables for:

Reference Resources