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INTL 4770: War and Human Security: Home

Government Documents

The United Nations and other national and transnational organizations can be a wealth of information about civilian atrocities.

The UN Human Rights portal contains documents from the UN about instances of genocide and war atrocities. 

The US Institute of Peace contains Human Rights reports on affected nations, as well as a publication search for their entire archive.  You can search for all of theTruth Commission Reports from conflict areas around the world.

Columbia International Affairs Online is a database of reports from NGOs, IGOs, and government agencies about International Relations.

Hearings and other official proceedings

Often governments will hold hearings on the topic of war atrocities, and these hearings will feature first person interviews.

ProQuest Congressional (formerly LexisNexis Congressional) Coverage of U.S. Congress; hearings, prints, reports, bills, Congressional Record, CRS Reports, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations.  

In LexisNexis Academic, you can search International legal materials from the European Union and various British Commonwealth nations by clicking on "International Legal" in the right hand menu. 

Access UN is an index to the Official Records of the United Nations. It includes citations to the draft resolutions, meeting records, and the UN Treaty Series. Several thousand full-text UN documents are also included in the database.

Books and Government Documents

GILFind, the Libraries catalog, contains information about the over 5 million items available to researchers.

To find information about your topic, do a search for the country you are interested in.  Add addition terms like "sources" or "interviews" to find primary accounts.

The subjects that have to do with your topic can also be helpful.  Simply search for your country and one of these subjects to find books specific to your topic.

Crimes against humanity > History. 
Genocide > History. 
Mass murder > History. 
State-sponsored terrorism > History. 
War crimes > History. 
Political atrocities > History. 


Also remember that countries change names over the years, and what it may be named now may be completely different from the past.

For example, in our catalog East Timor is referred to as Timor-Leste

Genocide > Timor-Leste. 
Political violence > Timor-Leste. 
Genocide intervention > Timor-Leste. 
Humanitarian intervention > Timor-Leste. 
Timor-Leste > Politics and government > 20th century. 
Timor-Leste > History > Autonomy and independence movements. 
Timor-Leste > Relations > Indonesia. 
Indonesia > Relations > Timor-Leste. 


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