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Landscape Architecture / Environment & Design: Statutes, Laws & Stats

Finding statutes and laws

Databases to get you started: 

HeinOnline - Includes complete archives of the U.S. Statutes at Large, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Supreme Court decisions, and many law review journals.

Supreme Court Cases - This subject guide includes links to the most useful resources and sites for researching the Supreme Court.

For Ordinances, try where you will find Athens Clarke County there plus other cities.  

Finding Statutes and Laws

Search by popular name or keywords if the patron has the popular name of a law / act or only knows what the law is about.

older Federal regulations and statutes

Use HeinOnline instead: it contains an archive of the Federal Register (FR) where all federal regulations are officially published prior to being encoded in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); an archive of all annual editions of the CFR; and an archive of the U.S. Statutes at Large (STAT) where public laws are first published prior to being encoded in the United States Code.

  Path:  HeinOnline / Federal Register Library (or Code of Federal Regulations; or U.S. Statutes at Large)

Example:  42 FR 15636 (a regulation first issued in the Federal Register on Mar. 22, 1977)
- Use the Citation Navigator to retrieve 42 [Fed Reg] 15636

older Georgia statutes

Any citation to a Georgia law in LexisNexis Academic without a live link can usually be tracked down in the Georgia Session Laws.  You can search for bills 2001- and session laws through 1999 online. Links are on our subject guide Finding Bills and Public Laws.   We also have the Georgia Session Laws in print in our Georgia government publications collection.

History & Authority: Determine the original statute or regulation and any subsequent amendments.  Determine the statute in the United States Code that authorizes the publication of a regulation.

Example: retrieve the regulation 21 CFR 70.25
- scroll down to the History paragraph.  This provides the citation to the original regulation and any subsequent amendments.  This particular regulation has never been amended. 

- The Authority paragraph is right below the history. It gives the citation to title and section(s) of the statute in the United States Code which authorizes regulatory bodies to issue this regulation.

Notes: The notes section in a United States Code statute indicates if any regulations are authorized or affected by the provisions of the statute.  The notes section in a statute (U.S. and State law codes) may also summarize how a subsequent amendment changed the statute.