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HIST 7900 Theory and Practice-special collections resources: Willson Humanities Center Digital Humanities Lab

special collections and related service point resources

Data Office Hours

At the DigiLab, we understand that data can be archival documents, literature, images, numbers, speech, and many other things. We can help you find, harvest, save, and analyze your data. We can also use this time to brainstorm potential DH projects.

Graduate Student Working Group

When we have enough interest, we have a DH Working Group for graduate students. Contact if interested in discussing readings or getting peer feedback on projects. 


We can run workshops on a range of DH topics in your classroom, by request, or you can attend our fall or spring workshop series.

Colloquium Talks

Tutorials on DH Tools and Processes

We record most of our workshops and have also created tutorials on things like data visualization in R, text analysis processes, and more. 

Contact Interim Head of the DigiLab