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Using Electronic Library Resources Remotely

Tips for using electronic library resources from remote locations and common solutions for access errors.

Error Screenshot Gallery

Library Account Requires Activation

EBSCO Time Out

Main text of message: "A system problem has occurred. To begin a new session, please login again."

Why am I seeing this?
Most common: Your authentication for the session has expired or you attempted to load an expired link from a previous session.

Best solution: Return to to re-initiate your search. You will need to re-authenticate with MyID.

You can always: Contact a librarian via chat for additional support.

EBSCO Article/Journal Not Found

Main text of message: "We were unable to find an exact match to your full text article. It is possible the article is not yet available on our service."

Why am I seeing this?
Most common: Error in metadata linking UGA holdings records and EBSCO hosted journals.

Best solution: Search for the containing journal (not article) by name in Gil-Find catalog. Look for a full text option that includes the necessary date range, and manually browse to issue/article.

Also possible: UGA does not have full text access to this content and it is an error in our records.

You can always: Chat with a librarian to get help or to submit an error report.

EZ Proxy Error

Main text of message: "Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that is not configured for access."

Why am I seeing this?
Most common: There is a problem with the proxy configuration for the selected resource.

Also possible: UGA does not have full text access to this content.

Best solution: Chat with a librarian for further guidance or to submit an error report.

Library Account Needs Activation

Library Account Requires Activation

Main text of message: "The login process has failed. Please refer to the library for assistance."

Why am I seeing this?
Most common: Your UGA MyID is active but your library specific account needs initial activation or re-activation.

Best solution: Contact Access Services and ask them to check your account status.